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  • Natural Wooden Basket

    page509 This beautiful hand carved wooden basket made from burr wood and is smooth and warm to the touch. Age: 3 years+.• Basket size: 300mm(h) x 200mm(d) x 200mm(w)

  • Wooden Wheels

    page989 Solid wooden wheels.• 4mm diameter hole• Available in 2 diameters• Pack of 10

  • Wooden Expressions Masks

    page615 page659 page682 This set of wooden multicultural expression masks are ideal for both group and individual role play or could be used for discussions. The masks are made from tropical hardwood and are hand painted. Age: 4 years+.• Size: 290mm x 170mm• Set of 6

  • Wooden Beads

    page453 • 200g pack of wooden beads in assorted shapes, sizes and colours• Bead size: 10mm - 30mm

  • Wooden Beads

    Great for many craft and collage projects including jewellery making these wooden beads are assorted shapes and sizes in a light and dark finish.

  • Wooden Axles

    page989 Hardwood dowel packs, ideal for use as axles in vehicle modelling.• Available in 3 diameters• Length: 600mm• Pack of 100

  • Rainbow Sound Blocks

    …of sounds or look through to see the world in a different light. Age: 3 months+.• Made from tactile wood and coloured perspex • Contained in a highly crafted wooden box• The wooden blocks are removable from the wooden box• Size: 70mm(w) x 120mm(d) x 230mm(h)• Set of 6 blocks

  • Wooden Balls

    page511 page511 • Size: 50mm diameter• Pack of 10

  • Wooden Magnetic Polydron

    Wooden Magnetic Polydron is the new natural magnetic product that will combine the magic of magnetics with the natural beauty of real wood. It is a high class product in a beautiful natural wooden finish that will complement the already established and highly successful Magnetic Polydron. Children…

  • Wooden Spoons

    page1671 These wooden spoons are ideal for a wide range of cooking and baking activities, both in the kitchen and the classroom.• Size: 355mm (14")• Available singly or in a pack of 5

  • Wooden Appliances Set

    page597 Wooden kitchen appliances including a stylish toaster with 2 bread slices, a barista style coffee maker with pod and cup, and a modern food mixer featuring tilt and lift top rotating beater. These feature realistic dials and buttons with sound effects. Age: 3 years+.• Toaster size:…

  • Wooden Rings, Ring Stand and Base

    page511 page511

  • Victorian Toy Collection

    …many are similar though the materials they are made of may have changed.Contains:• Wooden Yo-Yo• Wooden Diablo• Wooden Whipping Top• Wooden Slide Whistle• Metal Spinning Top• Wooden Cup and Ball• Wooden Skittles• Retro Snap• Coloured Chalks• Nursery Rhyme Game• Slate and Pencil• Pocket Book…

  • Hollow Wooden Blocks

    page538 page701 These hollow wooden blocks are manufactured from beech ply and finished in a high quality lacquer. Available in 2 different sets with a variety of shapes and sizes to create countless and varied structures. The hollow shapes make them lighter, ideal for younger hands. Age: 18…

  • Wooden Farm Animals

    page636 A set of wooden farm animals that will complement Middlebrook Farm. Fabric details have been added to each animal to enhance their look. Age: 3 years+.• The set includes 2 of each: cows, pigs, lambs, chickens and ducks.• Cow size: 90mm(h)• Set of 10 animals

  • Wooden Dominoes

    • Set of 28 wooden dominoes

  • Wooden Cubes

    page511 page511 Smooth large wooden cubes.• Size: 50mm• Pack of 6

  • Wooden Dolls

    page630 page683 Quality sets of wooden dolls, ideal for most play houses. Age: 3 years+.• Approx size adult doll: 110mm(h)• Sets of 4 pieces

  • Wooden Octoplay

    This set of 20 unique wooden construction shapes can be used to create various models such as a person, a dog or a tower. Made from high quality plywood in a beautiful natural finish, the pieces easily slot together. Wooden Octoplay will challenge the imagination and dexterity of children. A colour…

  • Wooden Bridge

    This wooden bridge and walkway is suitable for outdoor use and creates a wonderful inspiring outdoor play space. Children will love to cross over this wooden bridge, play and explore. Made from solid eucalyptus. Age: 3 years+.• Units are delivered flat packed with assembly instructions• Size:…

  • Wooden Mannequin

    page373 Our fully jointed wooden mannequin is of male design with a normal chest shape. It is excellent for developing young artists appreciation of proportion and perspective through anatomical study.• Height: 300mm (12")

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