Whiteboard Step

  • Jolly Phonics Software for the Whiteboard

    Step 1: Provides daily flipcharts, each teaching a letter sound. By the end of step 1, children should know all the 42 main letter sounds and the first set of tricky words. This will enable children to blend them together to read and write sample words.Step 2: Builds on the teaching in step 1. It…

  • Introduction to Bar Modelling

    Your first step into bar modelling begins now with this captivating and tactile resource. From addition to algebra, the bar model is the go-to resource for developing mastery and used widely throughout Singapore methods• Made from foamContains:• 48 x Bars• 3 x Magnetic Dry Wipe…

  • Place Value Magic Ruler Class Pack

    …thousands, hundred thousands, millions, tenths, hundredths, thousandths, hundred thousandths and millions to enable the subject to be taught step by step. Also supplied is one removable decimal point, two commas and seven of each number tab 0-9. For easy storage the tabs are provided in a plastic…

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