• Volcano Activity Model

    Safely and easily demonstrate the principles of volcanism with this realistic model which erupts internally - just like a real volcano!Contains:• Volcano model• Teachers' and students' literature• Detailed reference information • Instructions• Size: 100mm(h) x 295mm(dia.)

  • Erupting Volcano

    There's nothing like an erupting volcano to get children fired up about science! One half of the detailed cross-section shows the inside, the other is labelled for assessing knowledge. Pack includes easy-to-make lava recipe and clear plastic tray and removable tube for quick clean up. • Includes…

  • Volcanoes Chart and Photopack

    This chart shows how volcanic eruptions cause havoc around the world and how people try to cope with the aftermath, with the photographs providing many extraordinary pictures.Contains:• Wallchart: 1000mm(w) x 700mm(h)• 16 x photographs: A4 - 210mm(w) x 297mm(h)

  • Earthquakes Wallchart and Photopack

    This chart shows the enormous destructive power of this natural disaster and provides the answers to many questions asked whenever an earthquake occurs in the world, while the photographs provide many extraordinary pictures.Contains:• Wallchart: 1000mm(w) x 700mm(h) • 16 x photographs: A4…

  • The Restless Earth Poster Set

    This set of posters is a great way to learn about the Earth's structure and its destructive natural disasters; volcanoes and earthquakes.

  • Geology Landform Demonstration Kit

    …to develop a thorough understanding of volcanic action, faulting and folding, as well as many other geological processes. Contains:• Demonstration tray• Flexible foam pieces• Simulated rock structures• Erupting volcano• Project materials• Comprehensive study guide

  • Dino Dig - Sand & Water Table

    …for multiple youngsters to transport back to prehistoric times. Tots can use the large cup to quickly scoop and pour water into the top of the volcano and watch as the water gushes down the sides. This two-sided kid's play table features a large sand pit for deep Dino digs and a water station to…

  • Physical Geography Poster Set

    This set of posters is a great resource illustrating different aspects of physical geography, including the restless Earth, volcanoes, the rain forest in Brazil, energy and river valleys.

  • Collins School Atlas

    …keys and photos. Carefully selected focus country studies include mapping on contrasting regions and special topics. • The world section covers all the global issues required by the National Curriculum e.g. climate change, population, biomes, earthquakes and volcanoes• Size: 312mm x 217mm

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