Vocab Books

  • Vocabulary Book

    page27 page52 Ideal for spelling or as a language vocabulary book.• Size: 203 x 102mm (8 x 4") • 75gsm white paper, 8mm feint with centre line• 32 pages• 225gsm high strength quality cover• Stapled on long side• Pack of 50*Please note this product does not include a…

  • Vocabulary Slips

    page26 page53 A brilliant tool to help understanding and revision of key vocabulary of any subject.• Easy and simple to use, non adhesive slips• Conveniently sized for easy storage• Size: 76mm x 180mm, 150 slips per pad• Pack of 5

  • Reading Record Book

    Ready printed to record a child's reading history.

  • Collins Mapstart Books

    page1038 page1043 Mapstart 1 - age: 6-7 years:• Introduction to basic mapwork, perspective of plans and maps• Build children's spatial awareness• Extend understanding and use of vocabulary and graphic concepts• Encourages children to observe features in oblique and vertical…

  • Scholastic Handwriting Teacher Resource Books

    page837 These handwriting teaching books include writing and spelling practice, joining exercises, and support for left-handers. Animated demonstrations of letter formation can also be found on the CD-ROM.• Handwriting Reception-Year 2 includes fine and gross motor skills, patterning,…

  • Spelling Book

    page27 page52 A5, spelling book which uses the look, say, cover, write and check method to develop pupils skills.• 32 pages, A5 size• Space for remembering last week's words and this week's test words on one side with try 1 and try 2 overleaf• High frequency words included on the back…

  • Reading Record Book - KS2

    …record book with space to record books read with comments and periodic reviews.• 36 pages, A5 size• Space for 58 records and comments with ruled lines to encourage writing more• 3 book reviews to cover the whole term• Space to list titles, authors and favourite books• Pack…

  • Reading Record Book - KS1

    page27 page52 A5, Key stage 1 reading record book with space for a daily/weekly log, comments and drawings across two pages.• 36 pages, A5 size• Space to list authors and titles of favourite books, room to draw• Pack of 30

  • Loto Français

    A child-friendly and enjoyable way for children to learn French vocabulary. Topics include numbers, food, animals and clothes. Three photocopiable versions of each board enable differentiation. Age: 5-11 years.

  • SATs preparation and practice

    All sections of the STATs spelling, punctuation and grammar test covered, with teacher pages and pupil worksheets on all elements of grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling, sentence structure and standard English. At the end of each section, a comprehensive test is provided. The tests are…

  • High Frequency Word Flip Book

    page839 All the words in this flip book are taken from the first 200 high frequency words that students learn. On one side, sentences start with singular pronouns e.g. he, she, it, I, Dad, Gran. On the other side, sentences start with plural nouns and pronouns e.g. you, they, we, people, cats, boys.…

  • Homework Diary and Reading Record Book

    page26 page53 A5, Homework Diary and Reading Record book featuring 5 headed blocks for homework and 5 blocks for reading record be spread.• 32 pages• Homework blocks can be used for days, weeks or subjects• Parent/Teacher comments section• Books read sections for 15 titles and authors• Pack of…

  • Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 3

    Contains further activities to consolidate the learning in books 1 and 2, as well as new spelling patterns, tricky words plus short and long vowels.

  • Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 2

    Continues to build on the skills that the children have been taught in book 1. It introduces more tricky words, alternative letter sound spelling and basic sentence structure to encourage independent writing.• Colour version, 48 pages

  • Primary Dictionary

    page27 page52 A5, Primary Dictionary displaying a page of words for each letter of the alphabet.• 28 pages• Space to write new words• Includes high frequency words• Pack of 30

  • Music Vocabulary Poster

    Colourful chart with graphic illustrations and clear definitions of 16 terms of musical vocabulary including forte, diminuendo, allegro and adagio.

  • Homographs Flipbooks

    page813 This useful and fun flip book teaches that homographs are words with the same spelling but different meanings. It uses examples of homographs in noun form on the left page (e.g. wave from the sea) and in verb form on the right page (e.g. to wave goodbye), with the common word form in the…

  • Homophones Flipbooks

    page813 This handy flip book teaches that homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. Three word examples are given (e.g. buy, bye, by) for each homophone. Three sentences containing the homophones are also generated at the bottom when the correct words are…

  • Jolly Phonics Reading Assessment

    Child-friendly assessment that teachers can use with their pupils in a one to one setting. It provides an easy and quick method of assessing decoding and comprehension knowledge. Perfect for the Phonics Screening check. Comes in an A4 folder complete with 24 page manual, photocopiable pupil record…

  • My Spelling Workbook Classpack

    …crosswords and many more.The teachers guide contains a black and white version of a My Spelling Workbook, a digital full colour version of the book along with a full colour CD containing reinforcement and revision activities.Set includes:• 1 x Teachers guide with a black and white version…

  • Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Through Drama

    This book offers a new approach to teaching literacy, through movement, speech and drama. There are over 70 clearly described and ready-to-use movement activities. Extensions and challenges enable the activities to be used and enjoyed throughout Key Stage 2. A wide range of ability levels, and even…

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