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  • Urinal Blocks

    Long lasting, citrus freshness with water-softening and cleaning agents, that are delivered into the trap to ensure clean pipes and effective odour control.• Highly perfumed• Water soluble• Non-Biological and non PDCB• 3kg tub of 50 blocks

  • Zybax Ultra

    Can be used on any surface not normally harmed by water such as carpets, upholstery and curtains, washrooms, floors, walls, etc and can be used to clean washrooms, bathrooms, toilets and urinals.• 12 x 1 litre

  • Micro Clean Stain & Odour Digester

    …eradicator. Ideal for use on carpets, upholstery, fabrics and flooring where soiling such as body fluids and spilt beverages has been absorbed into the fabric.• Especially useful around urinals, walkways and areas contaminated with urine or vomit• Biological stain and odour eradicator

  • Blu Away Washroom Cleaners

    Eradicates odours and staining caused by urine whilst degrading uric acids and calcium deposits. Ideal for use in urinals with reduced water flushing as well as on floors, tiles, toilets, basins, taps, ceramic, chrome and stainless steel surfaces.

  • Bio Blocks

    Water soluble with a biological and enzymatic cleaning efficacy to remove fats, scale and solids that build up in urinal traps and pipe-work, causing odours and blockages. Bio blocks do not dissolve in the atmosphere, so are suitable for high usage areas. Recommended in use with Blu Away Biological…

  • Sta-Kill Deodoriser

    This powerful deodoriser contains active bactericides and urine neutralising agents to help prevent stains. It is also an excellent pre-spray for soiled clothing prior to laundering.

  • The Consortium Urine Stain Neutraliser

    Urine stain neutraliser for the pre-treatment of acid based stains caused by urine and vomit.

  • Urinal Cleaner and Deodoriser

    Counteracts odours from urine and prevents the build-up of uric acid scale. Ideal for use in and around urinal bowls, channel urinals, walls and floors.• Includes 2 trigger sprays• 6 x 500ml

  • Toilet Duck

    A hygienic toilet and urinal cleaner for daily removal of dirt and scale. With a unique angled neck reaches right under the rim where dirt and bacteria linger.

  • Mini Clean-Up Kit

    A compact mini clean-up kit, ideal for safe disposal of body fluid spillages such as blood, vomit or urine when on the move.

  • Washroom Cleaning Kit

    A useful kit of hardware for cleaning high risk areas such as washrooms, toilets and urinals.

  • Shield Toilet Descaler

    A tough, thickened acid toilet descaler for removal of heavy limescale, rust marks, dirt and staining from WCs and urinals.

  • Ecover® Techno Swan Toilet Descaler & Cleaner

    Highly acidic ecological cleaner and descaler for toilets and urinals. Will not damage porcelain, pipe work and septic tanks.

  • W2 Sanilav Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

    …formulation toilet cleaner and descaler that cleans and removes limescale, kills harmful bacteria, freshens and neutralises malodours.• Conforms to EN1276• Suitable for use on ceramic, stainless steel, chrome, toilet bowls and urinals• Not suitable for use on marble or enamel surfaces

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