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  • Timeline 3500BC-AD2000

    This frieze is an ideal overview of historical events between 3500BC and AD2000, and shows how the events relate to each other.• Spread across four strips• Size: 4000mm(w) x 170mm(h)

  • WWII Time Line

    3-piece timeline showing the major events of World War II, using a combination of photographs and illustrations. Supplied with notes giving details of the photos and the development of the war, along with comprehensive ideas for teaching activities.

  • British 20th Century Timeline

    This frieze is supplied in four sections and provides an overview of Twentieth century history. It traces many key international events, and the resulting social and technological changes in relation to Britain.• Size: 4000mm(w) x 170mm(h) - in four strips• Includes 4-page teachers' guide

  • British History Timeline

    An overview of the major events in British history from the Stone Age to the current day, this timeline features images and photographs to help your pupils understand the chronology behind the study of history. Events such as the Roman invasion, the signing of the Magna Carta and the Dissolution of…

  • Music Timeline Poster

    Showing the history of Western music, this durable timeline will help children to put music into historical context. Age: 7-11 years.

  • Roman Timeline

    This timeline will enable teachers and pupils to put the Roman invasion of Britain into the wider context of the growth and decline of the Roman Empire.

  • Vikings Timeline

    This timeline will enable teachers and pupils to put Viking colonisation of Britain into the wider context of Viking expansion across Europe and beyond.

  • History Timeline Cards - Romans in Britain

    Activate Roman history in Britain with this fun interactive timeline and game! Sequence and build your own timeline using the timeline cards and display; then answer a range of topic based questions. This engaging game can be used as a ‘living’ reference display or can be played again and again.

  • Tudors & Stuarts Timeline

    This timeline from 1470 to 1710 shows the accession dates of Tudor and Stuart monarchs against the backdrop of social and scientific developments of the period.

  • British Monarchs Timeline

    Covering the monarchy from the time of Offa to the present day, this timeline will help pupils to situate their periods of historical study in relation to the ruler of the day.• Size: 3000mm(w) x 230mm(h)

  • Stone Age to Battle of Hastings Timeline

    Put the ancient past into historical context with this Stone Age to Normans timeline. Ideal for classrooms to reinforce the chronology of historical events during this period.• Size: 3000mm(w) x 230mm(l) (supplied in 3 sections)

  • Stone Age to Iron Age Sites Deskmats

    …an aerial photograph and a ground-level photograph of the same location, together with notes about the site, a map showing its location and a timeline showing its origins in the period. A great cross-curricular resource, addressing the requirements of both the history and geography elements of…

  • Ancient Civilisation Map

    An attractive and informative map revealing the geographical extents of the ancient civilisations of Greece, Rome and Egypt, among others. A timeline allows pupils to see the chronological order and spread of these empires. An excellent display resource that puts ancient civilisations into…

  • Vikings Artefacts Pack

    …Viking Helmet • Rune Pendant • Thor's Hammer• 3 Replica Viking Coins• Wheel Pendant • Viking Wave Necklace • Viking Leather Bracelet • 4 x A5 Colour Postcards• Vikings Desktop Timeline • A4 Make your own Viking Longboat Template• 2 x Vikings Posters

  • With Child™ Pregnancy Simulator

    …stomach and lungs.**Please Note, due to increased manufacturing costs we have had to increse our price on this item**Contains:• Pregnancy simulation torso• Tunic• Timeline of Pregnancy chart• Comfort Measures in Pregnancy booklets• Presentation guide• Carry case

  • Romans Artefacts Pack

    …period.Includes: • Replica Roman Helmet • 2 x Replica Roman Torcs • 3 x Replica Roman Rings • Roman Spoon • Hadrian Gold Coin • 2 x Information Posters• 4 x A5 Colour Postcards• A4 Make your own Roman Helmet Template• Interactive Romans Desktop Timeline.

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