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  • BT Diverse 7110 Plus Telephone

    The new BT Diverse 7110 Plus telephone offers an excellent, easy to use phone with simple features and design. The handset is compact, with chunky easy to press buttons combined in a sleek black design.

  • BT Everyday Twin Telephone

    The BT Everyday Twin telephone gives you back control over which calls you want to take and can block 20 individual numbers. These phones also feature a Block All function so that your phone won’t ring, though selected contacts can still contact you.• DECT cordless phones• Up to 10 hours…

  • BT Diverse 7150 Plus Telephone

    The BT Diverse 7150 Plus telephone offers an excellent, easy to use phone with simple features and a digital answering machine. The handset is compact, with chunky easy to press buttons combined in a sleek black design.

  • BT Converse 2100 Telephone

    The Converse 2100 is an ideal entry-level business phone with a data port, headset port and full switch compatibility. • 3 quick dial memories• 3 ring tones• Headset socket• Inductive coupler• PBX compatible• Earpiece volume control• Wall mountable• Available…

  • Talking Tubes Set

    An enjoyable way to encourage speaking and listening skills. Age: 3 years+.• Includes two colour coded realistic telephone handsets and 3 metres of hollow flexible tubing

  • Telephone Message Books

    • 200 messages in duplicate, 4 messages per page• No carbon required• Size: 152mm(w) x 280mm(l) or (6" x 11")• Pack of 5

  • Who's Speaking Who's Listening

    …additional exciting games to conversations. Describe a mystery object using a disguised voice. All handsets, tubes and blindfolds are colour coded. Age: 3 years+.Comprises:• 6 hollow tubes and telephone handsets connected to a central hub• 6 blindfolds• Each tube is 1.5 metres long

  • BT 1700 Cordless Telephones

    This entry level set of phones with built-in answer machine have all the core features but also come with bigger screens, making it clearer and easier to use.• DECT cordless phone• 50 name and number storage• Block upto 20 individual numbers• GAP compatible• Up to 10 hours…

  • The Consortium Telephone Cleaning Wipes

    Cleaning wipes suitable for use on telephones or any hard surface. The antibacterial wipes remove dirt, dust, grease and grime.

  • Talking Tubes Telephone Exchange

    The ultimate conversation starter! Age: 3 years+.Comprises:• 8 handsets (4 red, 4 blue) • 3 x 3 metre lengths and 12 x 1 metre lengths of strong yellow, hollow flexible tubing• 6 in-line connectors and 6 'Y' connectors to enable numerous networks to be made

  • Motorola TLKR T40 Two-Way Radios

    Simple, compact and easy to use. The TLKR T40 is the perfect way of staying in touch when out and about.• PMR446 radios, license free• Up to 4km range (subject to terrain and conditions)• Free calls• 8 channels• Scan/monitor• LCD display• Belt-clip and carrying…

  • London Street Role Play Signs

    These traditional street landmarks are great for encouraging the imagination. Also ideal for using in conjunction with our indoor or outdoor role play toys.

  • Fun Rings

    Telephone wire style quoits made from flexible soft rubber.

  • The Consortium Soho Workstation Cleaning Kit

    A complete cleaning kit for up to 3 workstations. The telephone and surface cleaning wipes contain BACT-O-CLEAN, an anti-microbial additive that kills 99% of germs and viruses.

  • Mini Mobile Phones

    A set of six contemporary "mobile phone" style walkie talkies that can telephone all of the others in the set from up to 50 metres away. Each phone has its own colour and lights up when it rings. Simply "dial" the colour you want to call; to answer, press the button that flashes as "call waiting".…

  • BrainBox Inventions

    BrainBox Inventions contains cards showing when, where and by whom great inventions were invented; including the light bulb and telephones as well as fun inventions such as the whoopee cushion!

  • Cobra MT975 Two-Way Radios

    The Cobra MT975 is a superb quality two-way radio. • Up to 12km range• 10 channels• Voice activated transmission• Dual watch• Call alert• Roger beep• Vibrate alert• Keypad lock• LCD display• Includes rechargeable batteries and drop-in charger•…

  • Philips DVT8000 Digital Voice Tracer

    The DVT8000 captures group conversations in excellent, noise-free audio quality with its 360° microphone.• 4GB internal memory• Up to 1056 hours recording time• Up to 50 hours battery life• Records in MP3 and WAV format• 5 recording modes: PCM, SHQ, HQ, SP and LP•…

  • Olympus WS-831 Digital Recorder

    The WS-831 is perfect for recording personal notes, meetings or conversations. The WS-831 as an entry-level WS recorder has an ample 2GB memory plus an in-built microSD slot. • 2GB internal memory• Up to 493 hours recording time• Up to 37 hours battery life• Records in WMA and…

  • Motorola XT420/XT460 Two-Way Radio

    Motorola XT400 Series two-way radios have the business smarts to help people work better together. They come with the right credentials to give business the competitive edge: exceptional quality, affordability and durability to outlast high noise, tough conditions and hard use. Available in either…

  • Motorola TLKR T60 Two-Way Radios

    The tough TLKR T60 is packed with functionality, including a range of up to 8km, multiple call tones and rechargeable batteries.• PMR446 radios, license free• Up to 8km range (subject to terrain and conditions)• Free calls• Rechargeable NiMH batteries (supplied)• 8 channels…

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