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  • Primary Time Teacher™ 24 Hour Learning Clock®

    …brightly coloured clock will engage young children as they develop an understanding of time. Colour coded with blue minutes and minute hand and red hours and hour hand, this demonstration clock is geared so that the hands move in accurate increments. This teaching clock will develop an understanding…

  • Big Time 12 Hour Class Set

    Get the whole class involved in time-telling activities. Also includes a teacher's guide.

  • 7 Faces Large Teaching Clock

    Easy to read clock with 7 different faces- 12hr, 24hr, roman numerals, minutes, words, fractions and also a blank face.

  • Big Time™ Learning Clocks® Demonstration Clock

    Hidden gears maintain correct hour and minute relationships as you demonstrate time-telling concepts. This durable plastic clock has easy-to-read hour and minute markings, include removable stands and Teaching Guide. • Size: 340mm(h)

  • Large Teaching Clock

    The brightly coloured Quantum 2150 is a teaching unit that is suitable as both a normal wall clock and for front of class teaching purposes, with a front knob that can be used to adjust the time.

  • 24 Hour Time Clock & Flip Stand

    This large flip chart is a great way to teach telling the time on the hour, half-hour, quarter hour, or in 10-, 5-, and 1-minute increments. Excellent for whole class instruction or individual/group work. The clock face has moveable, colour-coded hour and minute hands that co-ordinate with the hours…

  • Teaching Clock

    The only teaching clock of its kind, our 2nd edition Teaching Clock takes a logical step-wise approach to teaching analogue time. Side one focuses on the minute hand and has a verse printed on the clock to help pupils remember the rules for 'minutes past' and 'minutes to'. Once side one has been…

  • Tell The Time Mat and Accessories

    teaching aids. The clock clearly defines hours, minutes and seconds with 24hour calibration and digital referencing when used with the accessory pack (supplied). The accessory pack including the hour and minute clock hands, minutes and placement discs. Also includes a write-on digital clock to teach

  • 5-in-1 Toy Cube

    This colourful 5 in 1 toy cube offers lots of play value. It's features include wire beads, peg maze, shape sorting, chalkboard and a teaching clock. Age: 18 months+.• Size: 300mm(w) x 300mm(d) x 550mm(h)

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