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  • Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

    Powered by a Quad-Core processor and loaded with the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, this handy 8 inch tablet gives you a stutter free experience with bright, vibrant colours and superb viewing angles. Combined with forward-firing stereo speakers for immediate clear audio, the Lenovo…

  • Samsung Galaxy 4 10 Tablets

    A sophisticated design supporting practicality. This tablet's sleek design is accented by a luxurious back cover with a leather like texture that adds a premium feel and classic look. With a large 10.1 screen and multi window function, multi tasking is effortless allowing you to read documents,…

  • iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display

    Any way you look at it, iPad mini is just incredible. And the stunning Retina display is only the beginning. With the powerful and power efficient A7 chip, ultra-fast wireless performance and powerful apps — all beautifully integrated with iOS 9 — iPad mini with Retina display lets you do more than…

  • Fairy Non Bio Tablets

    Fairy Non Bio gives you amazingly clean clothes, soft towels and bedding, all with that gentle feeling of softness next to precious skin. • Dermatologically tested• Up to 84 washes

  • Chlorine Tablets

    Use as an alternative to liquid bleach. These fast dissolving tablets provide safe and convenient measured doses.• Each tablet contains 1.67g of sodium dichloroisocyanurate in an effervescing base• 1 tablet in 5 litres provides a solution approximately equivalent to a solution of regular…

  • Anti-Theft Tablet Stands

    These anti-theft tablet stands securely display content on tablets in receptions.

  • GoCabby Tablet Storage Case

    Store, charge and synchronise up to 16 tablets, including iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and more.

  • Tablet Floor Stand

    Tablet floor stand for iPad and most other 7"-10" tablet. Ideal for exhibitions, reception areas, school halls and classrooms.

  • Neoprene Tablet Sleeves

    Durable, water resistant neoprene sleeves offering excellent protection for iPads and other tablets.• Colour: black• Available in 2 sizes: 7" and 10"• Sold singly

  • Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

    A fantastic, durable LCD writing tablet, ideal for writing and drawing activities without the need for pen and paper – a more responsive alternative to writing on an iPad or other tablet device.

  • GH Writing Tablet Chair

    The detachable writing tablet fits both left and right hand sides of the chair.• 5 year guarantee• Stackable without writing tablet attached• Supplied with a flint frame• Available in size 6• Choice of 5 colours: black, blue, brown, grey and red

  • Genee Slate Tablet

    The Genee Slate is a graphic tablet which is used to communicate with an interactive whiteboard or touchscreen through a wireless RF dongle that plugs into a computer. Presenters and teachers no longer need to stand at the front while facing an audience during a presentation or lesson. The cordless…

  • Water Colour Tins

    A sturdy metal tin containing ready mixed watercolour blocks. The lids have wells to allow for colour mixing.

  • Coomber Tablet Listening Centre Package

    The Coomber iPad Learning Combo is ideally suited to enhance the educational use of tablets with a functional and compact shape, low weight, high sound and build quality. The internal rechargeable battery makes it ideal for use outside or in areas where there is no access to mains. Listen either…

  • Hille Series E Chair with Tablet

    The classic Hille E Series poly chair complete with writing tablet. The tablet can be folded and removed for easy storage and to allow the chairs to be stacked.

  • Hille GH Classroom Chairs

    …environments. With comfortable moulded seats, the chairs are available in a choice of 5 colours. A flint epoxy frame is supplied as standard and all the chairs are stackable up to 10 high with the exception of the computer chair. The writing tablet chair can only be stacked if the tablet is removed.

  • Ecover Dishwasher Tablets

    Ecover Dishwasher Tablets clean and degrease effectively and are hygienic and safe.

  • Finish Dishwasher Tablets

    The powerball soaks and softens tough food stains. Powerful detergent lifts off and washes away all traces of food.• Soaking action • Powerful clean• Tea stain removal• Original• 110 tablets

  • Professional Fairy Dishwasher Tablets

    Fairy All in One powers through grease with added glass protection, metal shine, salt action, Fairy cleaning power and rinse aid action. Cleans brilliantly leaving nothing but shine even in short cycles.• Available in original or lemon• 100 tablets

  • Milton® Sterilising Tablets

    Use to sterilise equipment and baby utensils (bottles, soothers, teething rings, weaning items, etc.)• Effective on 99.9% germs• Sterilises in 15 minutes, no need to rinse• Solution stays sterile for 24 hours• 1 minute contact time: bactericidal BS EN 1040 • 5 minute contact…

  • Samsung Galaxy 4 7" Tablets

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 offers excellent functionality. With the new multi user mode, brilliant display and lightweight design this tablet is easy to use and extremely versatile.• 7" touch screen• 3 megapixel (rear) and 1.3 megapixel (front) cameras• 1280 x 800 pixel resolution• 1.5GB…

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