Symmetry Mirrors

  • Plastic Mirrors

    These small, hand-held mirrors enable children to look at everyday objects from unusual perspectives.• Available in flat or convex/concave versions• Single sided mirrors

  • Light & Shadows Kit

    Explore the properties of light with this kit.

  • Light and Colour Grab and Go Kit

    …Contents may vary.• 1x Colour changeable torch• 1x Set colour mixers• 1x Polyester scarves• 1x Colour spinner• 1x Convex/concave mirror pack• 1x Set Squidgy Sparkle colours• 6x Wooden viewers• 4x Sets pom poms• Coloured acetate sheets• Pack of 55

  • Value Superlight A4 Mini Whiteboard Zip Wallet Kit

    Great quality, superlight A4 whiteboard zip wallet kit. Ideal for keeping items in one place for pupils to retrieve, use and return at the end of the lesson.

  • Light Kit

    …tubes, torches, prisms, lenses, mirrors and other components. Pupils will enjoy learning about shadows, colours and how light travels.Contains:• Cardboard tubes• Torches• Equilateral prisms• Rectangular prisms• Acrylic mirrors• Elastic bands• Combs• Tea…

  • Dark Den Accessory Kit

    A perfect companion to black out sensory dens or other dark areas. This kit includes an exciting mix of lights for children to explore and touch like the plasma ball and textured bouncing light up ball. The lamps and light up accessories create a magical den space. Age: 3 years+.

  • Hand Held Foam Mirror

    Children will enjoy this vivid purple hand held mirror with easy handles and the large mirror surface. Use for observation of reflection, self observation, role play and reflection and symmetry. Children under 3 years should be supervised when using this product.• Size: 455mm(w) x 245mm(h) x…

  • Mirrored Tuff Tray Insert

    …plastic safety mirror and comes with a handle. The cut out handle feature makes it easy to store and move. Complies to EN71. Use with some natural resources to promote discussion and exploration of natural materials and reflection. Also excellent for demonstrating symmetry. It can also be used…

  • Light Cube Accessories Kit

    The Educational light cube accessory kit is the perfect light table starter kit for younger students! The kit features lots of safe and colourful materials to play with on a light cube. Examine details in x-rays and layer optical illusion sheets to discover interesting patterns! Discover amazing…

  • Kit for Purpose Badminton Starter Kit

    An ideal starter kit for schools and clubs, looking to introduce children to badminton.Contains:2 x Carlton ISO Mini-blade 4.3 racket: The Mini Blade is a starter racket for the younger player.• Weight: 90g • Length: 21" 6 x Sportline Sniper 3.1 racket: Great racket for the improving…

  • SAM Lab Steam Kit

    SAM's Steam Kit is the ultimate starter kit to bring SAM into your classroom.Contents: • 2 x SAM Buttons• 2 x SAM RGB LED Lights• 1 x SAM Heat Sensor• 1 x SAM Proximity Sensor• 1 x SAM Buzzer• 1 x SAM Tilt• 1 x SAM Light Sensor• 1 x SAM Pressure Sensor• 2…

  • Snazaroo Adventure Face Painting Kit

    • Everything you need for endless hours of face painting fun• Enough paint for about 50 full faces• Water-based, non toxic• Goes on easily, dries quickly and is easily removed• Includes 8 x 2ml colours; black, white, bright red, bright yellow, dark green, royal blue, orange,…

  • SAM Lab Inventor Kit

    Inventor lets you stretch your imagination. Use SAM Blocks and the SAM Space app to build quick and smart projects, games, inventions and hacks. With 4 wireless SAM Blocks and 5 step-by-step projects you'll master Morse code, make electronic music, protect possessions with an alarm, bring sound to…

  • Electricity Kit Plus

    Exclusive to The Consortium - Understand and build simple circuits with this great value kit, with its simple 'plug and play' design. Each module clearly displays the name of the component and its electrical symbol, making it easy to learn.Contains:• 1 x digital multimeter• 1 x magnetic switch…

  • Changing Materials Science Kit

    Bumper kit of resources for use in lessons on changing materials. Suggested activities include mixing, separating and changing materials, comparing solids and liquids and examining what happens when materials are heated, as well as defining solids, liquids and gases.Contains:• Plastic…

  • Eco Solar Mini Electricity Kit

    Explore the world of solar energy with this fantastic kit. Understand and build your own solar powered circuits, and learn about converting light energy into electrical energy.Contains:• 1 x solar cell unit• 1 x digital multimeter• 1 x white LED• 1 x buzzer• 1 x motor• 2 x crocodile adapter clips• 8…

  • Value A4 Superlight Classbox Whiteboard Kit

    Great quality, superlight A4 whiteboard kit, containing the superlight whiteboards, whiteboard pens and erasers all with a compact clear polypropylene box. Great for easy classroom use, access and storage. Hardwearing, robust, water resistant and ideal for outdoors use.

  • Value A4 Superlight Classbox Whiteboard Kit

    Great value, superlight A4 whiteboard kit, containing the superlight whiteboard, whiteboard pens and erasers all with a compact clear polypropylene box. Great for easy classroom use, access and storage. Hardwearing, robust, water resistant and ideal for outdoors use.

  • Plant Science Classroom Kit

    This complete classroom kit contains enough materials for twelve students to do several fun and educational experiments. The included planters and lids are made from corn and are 100% biodegradable! Watch the Rocket Plant grow from seed to bloom in less than two months, while the Polka Dot Plants…

  • Theatre and Den Conversion Kit

    Within 5 minutes the theme screen frames can be converted into a magical hideaway environment that can be used as a dark den, reading corner, stimulus area for creative writing or theatre settings. Only suitable for large frames.• Den conversion kit contains: clip together roof frame kit, black…

  • Value Mini Handwriting Whiteboard Kit

    Great value handwriting whiteboard kit to encourage neat handwriting and straight lines.Kit includes:• Value mini, rigid, handwriting whiteboards, Value drywipe erasers and Value slim barrel black drywipe pens; the quantities matching the pack size• One side printed light purple lines at…

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