Story Cubes

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  • Rory's Story Cubes

    Nine cubes, 54 images, unlimited possibilities! Rory's Story Cubes are a pocket sized, creative story creator. Simple roll the cubes, say 'Once upon a time' and use the images to spark your imagination. Encourages creativity, develops social confidence and enhances language development skills.…

  • Story Starter Cubes

    Students roll all six cubes then mix and match characters, settings and situations to get a story started. Cubes include two blue characters, two yellow settings and two red situation cubes.• Size: 40mm x 40mm

  • Reading Comprehension Cubes

    …discussion with these foam cubes. Comprehension questions on each side of cube for the students to answer before reading (red cubes), during reading (blue cubes), and after reading (green cubes). For example: What do the pictures on the cover tell you about the story?, Find and define an unfamiliar…

  • Retell A Story Cubes

    Boost reading and listening comprehension with these six foam cubes while encouraging creativity and storytelling skills. With a unique story-retelling suggestion on each side, cubes feature 36 different activities, including "Tell what might happen next" and "From the photos and illustrations I…

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