• Gratnells Stage Kits

    Gratnells Stage Kits have the flexibility to be used for many different applications, such as drama, teaching, performances, exhibitions, and musical events. The kits come complete with birch front trim panels. Boasting a clever yet simple lightweight design, the staging system can be assembled by…

  • Dual Height Tuff Deck Stage Pack Offer

    …folding, wheeling stage unit with textured black epoxy under-structure, 2440mm(w) x 1220mm(d) x 400/600mm(h) black tuffdeck deckboards. 2 rise step unit 200-400mm(h) cloud grey carpet without rails.Standard clamp on 4ft guardrail for stage and sual-height skiting for stage, woth pleated pelmet…

  • StackaStage 12.450 Stage Kit & Step

    This 12 square metre 450mm high stage kit is the most popular StackaStage kit and provides a medium sized stage (for larger stages use more than one kit) which can be setup by one person in minutes. 12.450 Portable Stage Kit Includes;• 12 x 450mm riser set • 10 x Tie plates• 1 x 450…

  • StackaStage 9.300 Stage Kit & Step

    This nine square metre 300mm high stage kit is a fantastic general purpose stage. 9.300 Portable Stage Kit Includes;• 9 x 300mm riser set • 10 x Tie plates• 1 x 300 step unit• 9 x Standard 1000mm x 1000mm deck • 36 x deck hold down screws • 10 x 'E' Joints • 1 x…

  • GOPAK Ultralight Staging Packs

    …four Staging Packages. Each package includes one set of steps. The illustrations enable you to visualise the stage layout though you can move the components around to suit your own requirements. All stage packages come with clamps to secure the steps and a 5mm Allen key to fix the stage decks…

  • StackaStage 4.200 Stage Kit

    …need a smaller stage or podium. 4.200 Portable Stage Kit Includes;• 4 x 200mm riser set • 10 x Tie plates• 4 x Standard 1000mm x 1000mm deck • 16 x deck hold down screws• 4 x 'E' Joints• 1 x Compact trolley (holds up to 6 square metres of staging)• Trolley size…

  • Stage and Seating

    Our Large Recycled Plastic Personalised Stage has a raised platform to define a performance area in which to encourage imaginative play and build confidence and social skills. The stage, seating and planters are made from 100% HDPE recycled plastic which does not rot, corrode or splinter, is…

  • Outdoor Rainbow Stage

    This fabulous unique outdoor stage can accommodate groups of children so it's perfect for putting on plays or musicals. Could also be used at break time for somewhere to sit or to use as a reading area. Must be installed on flat ground.• Suitable for 3 to 11 years• Self-Assembly• Suitable to be left…

  • GOPAK Ultralight Staging Accessories

    …If you install your stage on an uneven floor, slip a riser leveler under the bottom of the riser block to even it up! Supplied in packs of 20.Riser Clamps: Secure your steps or tiered stage with these robust clamps. With 'teeth' that fit around the upright tube of the stage riser, you can position…

  • GOPAK Ultralight Staging Decks

    The perfect lightweight choice for any stage configuration.Ultralight staging system is lightweight yet incredibly strong.Lightweight but strong, all components are lightweight and therefore easy to carry. Versatile and adaptable, the stage decks come in a wide selection on shapes and dimensions.The…

  • GOPAK Ultralight Staging Risers

    The perfect lightweight choice for any stage configuration.Ultralight staging system is lightweight yet incredibly strong.Fast and efficient, the concertina aluminium risers can be opened in seconds. Then just fasten your stage deck to the stage riser using simple Allen key fixings.Lightweight but…

  • Gratnells Step-Up Stages

    The Step-Up range allows for setting up in much smaller spaces than our larger stage sets. From a classroom corner or the school hall to outdoors on sports day.

  • Super Size Seamless Stage Paper

    A heavyweight 180gsm super size backdrop paper which is a perfect solution for large scale art projects, production backgrounds, or as a backdrop for school photographs. All rolls are wound onto a 50mm cardboard core, and are delivered in a sturdy box.

  • Music Express Resource Books

    Resource of activities for 3-5 year olds: active, holistic and play-based.

  • Music Express Resource Books and CDs

    Resource of activities for 3-5 year olds: active, holistic and play-based.

  • Stage School Dressing Up Trolley

    The stage school dressing up trolley features a ‘front stage’ and ‘backstage’ area, complete with 2 mirrors, 3 large dry-wipe surfaces and chalkboard. The 2 hanging rails and large trough provide a useful storage area. Age: 3 years+.

  • Niels Larsen Gym Time Pack

    This great value set is ideal for use with Key Stage 1 children. The support pack contains a set of 22 worksheets on CD with detailed assembly instructions, suggested layouts and storage as well as warm-up tracks and an allen key. Contains:

  • Fadeless® Designs Display Paper

    Great for backgrounds, displays, table skirting and party decoration.

  • The Invaders Photocopiable Book

    A brilliant resource that will inspire teachers to teach history with confidence. "Invaders" contains everything you need, including photocopiable resources, comprehensive background information and detailed lesson plans.

  • Problem Solving: Key Stage One

    Chapters include:• Numbers and the number system• Reasoning about numbers or shapes• Counting and recognising numbers• Measures, shape and space• Solving problems involving 'real life'• Adding and subtracting• Calculations

  • Clever Cats

    A set of four delightful remote control cats that meow when stroked and are controlled with a simple one button unit. Children will have so much fun exploring remote control with these four delightful cats. The one button control enables the cats to spin and go forwards. The stroke and meow feature…

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