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  • Sequencing Spots Set

    This pack of coloured hardwearing vinyl spots are ideal for positional instruction and movement control. Designed to remain in position when in contact with any polished surface.

  • XLR8 Evasion and Reaction Kit

    This value for money kit helps to improve evasion abilities and reaction times Contains:• 12 x 7cm XLR8 reaction balls• 12 x XLR8 evasion belts• 12 x XLR8 marking spots• 25 x spacemarkers• 1 x mesh storage sack

  • Hook Spots and Strip

    page352 page447 Great for general mounting and display. For use with loop fasteners.• Size spots: 22mm(dia.)• Size strip: 25mm(w) x 12m(l)

  • Loop Spots and Strips

    page352 page447 Great for general mounting and display. For use with hook fasteners.• Size spots: 22mm(dia.)• Size strip: 25mm(w) x 12m(l)

  • Removable Hook & Loop

    This Hook and Loop removes quickly and easily leaving no marks, stains or residue.

  • Wooden Dominoes

    • Set of 28 wooden dominoes

  • Black Dominoes

    page904 • Wooden dominoes• Set of 28 dominoes

  • PVC Table Covers

    These high quality table covers are available in 4 different designs. The covers have a fabric backing which helps to keep them in place on desks and table tops and reduces slipping considerably when in use. Wipeable, easy to clean and hard wearing. The fruit and vegetable designs also promote…

  • Spot Fabric

    Brightly coloured poly cotton fabrics with a bold spot design.

  • Alphabet Marks the Spot™

    Get children thinking on their feet with this early literacy game. Young players will jump and learn the alphabet with this giant, colourful wipe-clean mat featuring eight different letter games. Ideal for two players or more.

  • Jeyes Spot and Stain Remover

    page1592 A foaming cleaner which quickly and effectively removes spots and stains from carpets and upholstery. It is suitable for a wide variety of stains. • Removes stains and dirt fast• Neutralises odours• Leaves a pleasant residual fragrance• 750ml• Sold singly

  • Enhance Spot and Stain Remover

    page1592 Superb spot and stain remover which removes oil and water based stains from carpets.• Woolsafe approved • With Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) to remove odours at source• 750ml• Sold singly

  • White Dominoes

    Fantastic value for money. Made from durable white plastic. Double six. Clear, easy-to-see markings. Presented in a sturdy plastic case.

  • Spotted Feathers

    page478 These brightly coloured spotted feathers are ideal for use in collage, weaving projects and other creative work.• 28g pack

  • Spotty Dogs Counting Game

    Learn to count with these spotty dogs. Spin the arrow and find the picture of the dog with the same number of spots on its back. Then turn over the card to see how many biscuit bones there are in the dog basket. Age: 3 years+.

  • Spotted Quill Feathers

    page478 Coloured spotted quill feathers each approximately 200mm long.• Pack of 25

  • Finish Dishwasher Salt

    Prevents the formation of spots and watermarks. Softens water and helps boost cleaning.

  • First-Play Count 'n' Move Pack

    …balance and co-ordination, throwing, catching, rolling, counting and identifying colours and shapes. Contains:• 6 x coloured spots • 6 x hands • 6 x feet • 1 x number line • 1 x small coated dice 1-6• 1 x large coated spot & number dice 1 - 10• 1 x storage holdall

  • Star Hangers

    page498 Cute, easy to make and colourful! Just add a special picture/photograph and some glitter spots and your Star Hangers are ready to be hung on the Christmas tree. Lovely take home gifts.• Size: 140mm x 140mm• Pack of 30

  • Dinosaur Ultra Soft Fleecy Large Mat

    Made from Polyester Fleece this super soft mat creates an ideal play area, or a cosy environment for children to sit. They have a felt back with non-slip spots to help prevent the mats from moving.• Size: 1300mm x 1900mm

  • Marabu-Glas Paint

    page455 Whether applied on a large area or as small spots of colour, glass paints from Marabu let glass surfaces shine. Produce creative decorations on glasses, glass plates, vases and windows, also on mirrors, ceramic, porcelain or acrylic with high-gloss transparent Marabu-Glas.• Colours:…

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