Soft Balls

  • Lightweight Foam Balls

    These moulded lightweight foam balls offer a soft surface for throwing and catching.• Dimater: 200mm• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Sold singly

  • Soft Touch Playballs

    • A range of medium weight soft-feel balls

  • Soft Feel Playballs

    A medium weight 'soft feel' ball with an easy to use inflate/deflate valve. These balls can be used in all types of ball games.• Supplied in 4 colours• Available in 2 diameters• Does not include latex • Available as single balls, a pack of 4 (1 of each colour) or a pack of 12 (3…

  • Soft Feel Textured Playballs

    An inverted triangle design vinyl ball with a tactile surface. These balls have a soft feel with a high bounce and can be re-inflated using a standard pump.

  • Cosy Touch Playballs

    These balls have a soft-touch outer surface for comfort during catching and throwing.

  • Soft Eurohoc® Balls

    A very soft, non-bounce plastisol ball designed for maximum safety and excellent playability.

  • Foam Skinned Football

    A soft and safe foam football with a light skin, this ball is great for introducing young children to football.

  • Mitre® Impel Max Footballs

    Mitre's top-level training ball. Made with a hard wearing 30 panel construction and Vimini outer texture for grip and control. 4.5 mm EVA foam backing for added soft feel and touch with a PU outer material made for improved durability and more hours of play. Engineered with Hyperseam technology for…

  • First-Play® Soft Touch Balls

    Available in two sizes, these balls are very durable with a soft texture giving them greater gripping properties.• Available in 2 diameters• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Pack of 4

  • Koosh Balls

    A great introduction to throwing and catching. Soft, safe, easy to grasp ball made from natural washable rubber. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 80mm(dia)• Sold singly or as a pack of 12

  • Mitre® Attack Netballs

    A popular machine-stitched training ball, suitable for all conditions. It has a grippy, soft-touch emboss, ideal for skill development and team training sessions.

  • Mitre® Impel Training Footballs

    …specification, soft touch, 3.5mm foam backed PVC training ball with Tensile replica graphics. Made from a deep foamed patent PVC, it is machine stitched and fitted with a nylon wound, floating, high air retention bladder for reliability and shape retention. The Impel is an excellent all weather soft

  • Hi-Grip Playground Balls

    These great quality playground balls have a soft, vinyl surface with a cross-moulded, tactile grid that is ideal for playground use.• Colour: blue• Available in 3 diameters• Sold singly

  • Sponge Rubber Playballs

    Soft rubber playballs that offer great play options in any environment.

  • Soft Foam Dice

    A durable foam dice, great for interaction with children• Soft foam• Size: 150mm cube• Colours may vary• Sold singly

  • Scoop Set

    A soft yet durable plastic scoop and ball set that is ideal for playground use. A great way to help develop young children's throwing and catching skills.

  • Tubey Tactile Wall Panel

    …tactile stimulation for children of all ages. The abacus, air balls, coloured wooden balls and ball tube are all ideal for motion and colour work. Spirals, clatter balls and chains provide auditory and visual stimulation. Hard and soft textured balls provide enjoyable tactile sensations to explore.

  • First-Play® Large Ball Pack

    This pack of 18 balls provides an excellent introduction to throwing and catching, along with developing ball skills.Contains:• 4 x 200mm foamballs• 2 x foam rugby balls• 4 x 100mm soft touch playballs• 4 x 150mm soft touch playballs • 4 x 200mm soft touch playballs • 1…

  • First-Play Playtime Activity Tub

    …develop individual skills.Contains:• 1 x 200mm soft touch ball• 4 x quoits• 1 x easy-grip saturn ball• 1 x 200mm 4-colour ball• 6 x marking feet• 1 x foam football• 2 x catchtail balls• 1 x 70mm flexi ball• 2 x padder bats• 6 x marking hands• 1…

  • Molten Rubber Soft Volleyball

    An essential volleyball for introducing new and younger players into the game. The ball allows for confidence and ball control to be built quickly, due to its anti-sting latex rubber surface.• British Volleyball Federation approved• Official size 5 • Available in pink and blue…

  • Freestyle Pogo Stick

    This Freestyle Pogo Set is a pogo stick with a difference. Featuring a jump ball and foot platform, children grip the soft foam handles attached to an elastic cord which expands to suit the child's height. It's an exciting way to develop gross motor skills, balance and keep fit too.• Sold…

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