• Boney Tony Skeleton

    A half-scale, realistic model of the human skeleton with movable shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, jaw and ankle joints.

  • Skeleton Model

    This life-size plastic skeleton has a detachable skull with a full set of permanent teeth, removable cranium and movable joints.

  • Skeleton Man

    Challenge children to build this fun and friendly skeleton by simply connecting the bones together and then attaching the major organs including, the brain, heart, lungs and intestine. Then label the parts with the included multilingual name tags - also ideal for use as a Modern Languages resource.…

  • Skeleton Floor Puzzle

    Encourage children to build a life-size skeleton, bone-by-bone! Children can learn all the major bones as they assemble this unique soft foam puzzle. Age: 3 years+.

  • 3D Magnetic Skeletal System

    Build the skeleton on your whiteboard for the whole class to see, a great activity to test knowledge and introduce scientific vocabulary. Age: 6 years+.

  • Muscles, Joints & The Human Skeleton Charts

    Bright, clear posters detailing the human skeleton, joints and muscles.

  • Human X-Ray

    Hold these life-size human x-rays up to the light or use them on a light table and see every authentic detail of a real skeleton. Arrange the 18 pieces together to reproduce the entire body of a young adult 5’ (1.5m) tall.• The teacher guide includes reproducible artwork and information on…

  • True To Life Human X-Rays

    Use these x-rays to reproduce the entire body of a young adult, or look at them individually to see every detail of a real skeleton. Ideal for use on a light panel. Age: 5 years+.

  • Anatomix Game

    Anatomix is a fun way to build a body on a playing board, choosing from the skeleton, nerves, muscles and organs - the objective is to be the first to complete a body. For younger players simply flick the spinner and take or trade body bits. For older players a multiple-choice question needs to be…

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