Silver Border Rolls

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  • The Consortium Poster Paper Border Rolls

    …use for border displays, create artistic effects, create models, floor games etc. Can be painted or coloured for extra decorative effects.• Deep colour pack: 1 each of lemon, leaf green, ultramarine blue, fire orange, scarlet and black• Metallic pack: 2 each of gold and silver• Pastel…

  • Scalloped Border Rolls - Metallic Colours

    page313 Card scalloped border rolls great for classroom displays.• Assorted metallic colours: gold, silver, old gold, white gold• Size: 57mm(w) x 15m(l) roll• Pack of 4

  • Scalloped Corrugated Border Rolls

    …shaped corrugated border rolls to add an exciting finish to your displays. Can also be used in collage and craft projects e.g. festive crown making.• Mixed colour pack: 1 each of yellow, black, red, green and blue• Metallic pack: 2 each of silver and gold• Size: 57mm(w) x 15m(l) roll

  • Sparkle Trimmers Variety Pack

    A pack of Display Trimmers featuring a stunning holographic finish. There are four colours in each pack - silver, gold, blue and red.

  • Fadeless® Gold & Silver Card Border Rolls

    page313 • Assorted colours: gold and silver• Size: 57mm(w) x 15m(l) roll• Pack of 4 rolls

  • Scalloped Border Rolls

    page313 Superb quality. Made from colour paper these borders are white on one side and coloured on the other.• Metallic colours pack: 2 x silver and 2 x gold • Bright colours pack: red, yellow, green, blue, orange and black• Size: 57mm(w) x 50m(l) roll

  • Wavy & Zigzag Corrugated Border Rolls

    page311 Pre-cut border trim in ready-to-use rolls.• Assorted colours: 1 each of red, blue, green, yellow and orange• Metallic colours: 1 each of red, blue, green, gold and silver• Size: 63mm(w) x 10m(l) roll• Pack of 5

  • Jumbo Border Roll Pack

    page311 • Colours: 2 each of black, scarlet, lemon, ultra blue, leaf green, fire orange, sky blue, cream, pale green, blossom pink, gold and silver• Size: 48mm(w) x 50m(l) rolls• Pack of 24

  • Corrugated Crown Borders

    page310 These metallic rolls are brilliant for using on display boards and for making glitzy crowns.• Contains: 1 each of silver, gold, red, green and blue• Size: 57mm(w) x 10m(l) - 2 x 5m strip)• Pack of 5 rolls

  • Winter Bordette® Assortment

    page310 A unique combination of metallic and icicle Bordette®. Excellent for festive displays.• Contains: 2 rolls of white Icicles Bordette® and 1 roll each of metallic red, blue, silver and gold• Size: 57mm(w) 7.5m(l) roll• Pack of 6 rolls

  • Icicles Bordette® Assortment

    page310 The perfect finish for festive and winter displays.• Contains: 2 each of metallic white, silver and gold Icicles Bordette®• Size: 57mm(w) x 7.5m(l)• Pack of 6

  • Metallic Bordette®

    …metallic rolls give a glitzy finish and eye-catching appeal to your displays. Particularly effective in festive displays - make your classroom a fun place to be during those long winter months. • Contains: 1 each of silver, gold, red, blue, green and purple• Size: 57mm(w) x 7.5m(l) roll•

  • Metal Foil Board

    page335 Medium thickness board, excellent stiffness with a shiny, reflective foil surface.• 350 micron, 255gsm• 1 sheet each of gold, silver, blue, green and red• Size: 504mm x 762mm • Pack of 5 sheets

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