• PlayFoam

    Playfoam provides mess-free creative play for children, encouraging imaginative thinking and promoting sensory perception and fine motor skills. This unique creative play product will only stick to itself, not to hands, hair, clothes or carpet. Playfoam never dries out so can be used time and time…

  • Sensory Mood Lights

    These mood lights can be placed around the room or used in a sensory den to provide background lighting. Using a remote control you can choose 16 different colours or set to fade through a spectrum of shades. They are powered by safe, low voltage mains power supplies and come with a base station…

  • Massage Roll

    This sensory plastic cylinder can be rolled on the floor and has plastic spines. It's perfect for sensory play or for use as a massage aid for relaxation or reflexology. Age: 12 months+.

  • Bubble Tubes

    …striking bubble tube columns feature colour changing LED lights. Children will be amazed by the high column of bubbles and fish continuously rising from the base, illuminated by an enchanting array of colours. Making it a great addition to any sensory environment. Adult supervision recommended.

  • Sensory Ball Pack

    A selection of 20 balls with different textures, colours, density and bounce properties. Selected by primary and pre-school specialists. The balls are supplied in a black feely bag. Age: 3 years+.• Largest ball diameter 75mm• Smallest ball diameter 50mm• Pack of 20

  • Liquid Timers

    A set of three Liquid Timers that will provide hours of fascination. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 140mm(h)• Colours may vary• Set of 3

  • Metallic Pebble Collection

    A beautiful treasure collection of different sized colour pebbles to delight and engage. An open-ended resource that can be used in a variety of contexts e.g. mathematical, sensory, construction, small world etc. Age: Birth+.• Made from plastic• Pack of 10

  • Magic Tubes

    These Magic Tubes will enchant little ones as they watch the pretty colours gently move up, down and all around. Age: 3 years+.• 320mm(l)• Set of 2

  • Dark Den Accessory Kit

    A perfect companion to black out sensory dens or other dark areas. This kit includes an exciting mix of lights for children to explore and touch like the plasma ball and textured bouncing light up ball. The lamps and light up accessories create a magical den space. Age: 3 years+.

  • Sensory Liquid Set

    A complete collection of Sensory Liquid and Bubble sets. Age: 3 years+.Set contains:• Sensory liquid set of 3• Sensory bubble set of 4• Spiral tube set of 3• Sensory jump bean set of 4• Sensory dual colour liquid set of 3 • Large sensory bubble set of 4• Set of 21

  • Koosh Ball

    A great introduction to throwing and catching. Soft, safe, easy to grasp ball made from natural washable rubber. Age: 3 years+.• 80mm diameter• Sold singly or as a pack of 12

  • Interactive Tactile Wall Panel

    With wheels that spin, chains that rattle, fibre optics that sparkle and buttons to press, this activity panel offers lots to explore and discover. You can even record and listen to sounds and messages with this interactive panel. Operates on 240v transformed to 12v.• Comes with a wall fixing…

  • Play Panel Room Dividers

    …activity for children - mazes, moveable safety glass, abacus, tapestry. Children develop sensory and manipulative skills. The baby corner hideout can be used stand alone or as part of a scene and includes some sensory elements. Create a fun play/corner area by joining the panels and fix ends to the…

  • Hand Held Foam Mirror

    Children will enjoy this vivid purple hand held mirror with easy handles and the large mirror surface. Use for observation of reflection, self observation, role play and reflection and symmetry. Children under 3 years should be supervised when using this product.• Size: 455mm(w) x 245mm(h) x…

  • 15 Piece Soft Play Activity Set

    A set of large soft play shapes. Ideal for constructing obstacle courses. Climb over, under, through and build up or knock down for a fun play time. Comes complete with holdall for easy storage. Age: 3 years+.• Holdall size: 750mm(w) x 900mm(d) x 1000mm(h)• Made from durable, wipe clean…

  • Baby Sensory Tunnel

    The baby sensory tunnel is a versatile resource, making tummy time more pleasurable with the patchwork mat. Older babies will enjoy crawling through the tunnel. Age: birth+.

  • Finger Fidgets

    These colourful, innovative toppers are sure to keep little fingers happy as they screw, snap or bump the different ends. The set includes four different style toppers with pencils. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 4

  • Tubey Tactile Wall Panel

    This wall panel has been designed to maximise visual and tactile stimulation for children of all ages. The abacus, air balls, coloured wooden balls and ball tube are all ideal for motion and colour work. Spirals, clatter balls and chains provide auditory and visual stimulation. Hard and soft…

  • Light Spinners

    Set of 2 prismatic projector lights which are easy to hold and have 3 different visual effects to explore. Press the button to activate the spinning lights and watch the display of multi-coloured lights and patterns. Great for a darkened room or dark den.• Includes 3 x AA batteries• Size:…

  • Jigsaw Softie Mirrors

    Softie plane mirrors with a jigsaw profile in four colours. They can be hand held, free standing or wall mounted to create a stunning display. Age: 3 years+.• Comes with sticky pads for wall mounting• Size: 200mm square• Set of 4 mirrors

  • Sensory Centre

    The sensory centre is ideal for use in any multi-sensory room or darkened environment. It comes complete with three sensory items of equipment which are activated by pressing their own colourful switches. Acrylic mirrors enhance the sensory effects and the black carpet platform is tactile and warm…

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