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  • Grammar & Sentences Directory

    This product provides explanation and examples of parts of speech, punctuation, types of sentences, sentence features and structures. Each of the 18 x A5 tabbed pages can be accessed quickly during teaching and writing practice. Perfect for KS2 S.P.A.G. teaching and revision, plus EAL to enable…

  • Highlight Strips

    Bright, see-through strips help with tracking and comprehension. Suitable for Age 4 years+• Includes: 10 yellow, 10 blue, 10 pink strips • Size: 35mm x 180mm

  • A4 Pastel Coloured Mini Whiteboards

    An assorted pack of A4 pastel coloured whiteboards, ideal as a learning resource to support pupils with special needs/dyslexia.• A4• Cream on one side, with the reverse a pastel colour• Available in plain and a 3 lined board (landscape)• Pastel colours: cream-green, cream-pink,…

  • Coloured Note Pads

    Designed to help those with visual perception difficulties and available in a range of colours to suit the needs of the user. Made with formulated coloured paper and a tinted ruled margin.• A4• Designed with guidance from the Irlen Institute• 8mm ruled• 100 pages, 80gsm •…

  • A4 Coloured Overlays

    Full sized coloured overlays are a great alternative to reading rulers, freeing up both hands for writing or typing.• A4• Assorted colours• Pack of 10

  • Visual Stress Assessment Pack

    This pack provides anyone involved in detailed assessment of the colour overlay needs of children with a full set of information and assessment tools, presented in a clear, easy to follow format.• Two sets of 10 (A5) overlays • Testing Pages in two font styles and eight font sizes•…

  • Eye Level Reading Ruler

    Eye level reading rulers highlight just a single line or paragraph of a page and are great for overcoming problems arising from scotopic sensitivity and other visual difficulties related to dyslexia.• Size: 210mm(w) x 70mm(h)• Assorted colours• Pack of 10

  • Reading Ruler

    Eye level reading rulers highlight single lines or paragraph area of a page and are great for overcoming problems arising from scotopic sensitivity and other visual difficulties.• Size: 70mm(w) x 210mm(l) • Pack of 10 assorted colours

  • Stubbi Pencil Grips

    Specially formed pencil grip to hold the fingers in the correct position for writing.• Arrow to indicate correct pencil insertion• Suitable for both right- and left-handed users• Assorted colours• Grip size: 20mm(w) x 19mm(d) x 22mm(h)• Pack of 10

  • Ultra Pencil Grips

    A carefully researched large, soft and comfortable pencil grip, offering the user greater writing control. The Ultra Grip is ambidextrous, with the letters 'R' and 'L' showing the user where to position their thumb. Suitable for children learning to write or experiencing handwriting difficulties and…

  • Cross Guard Pencil Grips

    A version of the ultra pencil grips that has a special finger guard to prevent fingers from crossing over.• Large size for better control• Suitable for both right- and left-handed users• Assorted colours• Grip size: 35mm(w) x 25mm(d) x 27mm(h)• Pack of 5

  • Solo Pencil Grips

    The Solo Grip is designed to hold the fingers in the correct position for writing and is similar in design to the Stubbi Grip. It is however larger than the Stubbi Grip and it is therefore suitable for those who require more surface contact with the pencil. The Solo Grip features clear markings for…

  • Pinch Grip Pencil Grips

    The Pinch Grip is a stepping stone in grip development and balances the structure of the Cross-Guard Ultra Grip with the freedom of the Ultra Pencil Grip. The Pinch Grip provides a comfortable, gentle guide for proper positioning and offers increased handwriting control.• Assorted colours•…

  • Wooden Light Table

    A modern LED Light Table with new touch switch technology, perfect for colour mixing, matching, light observation and shadow making. An interesting and engaging table, ideal for any SEN or Early Childhood setting. Age: 3 years+.

  • Play Train

    …train carriage SEN (special educational needs) are delivered fully assembled.• Available in 2 colours only: brown and black• Size of train engine: 1200mm(w) x 995mm(d) x 1540mm(h), 145kg• Size of train seating carriage: 995mm(w) x 850mm(d) x 825mm(h), 95kg• Size of train carriage SEN: 2000mm(w)…

  • CVVC Magnetic Word Strips

    Introduce double vowel sounds with these new magnetic strips. The words are represented by photographic images, making them suitable for use by older SEN or EAL pupils. The magnets cover phases 3 and 5 in the Letters and Sounds teaching programme. These can be used with the Smart Phonics Magnetic…

  • 5 Olympian Number Lines Board Games

    …board games. Hop, skip, jump and hurdle your way along number lines to position and compare numbers to 50 and 100; round numbers to the nearest 10; count on and back in 2s, 5s and 10s; practise and secure numbers bonds to 20. Suitable for Key Stage 1 or those with SEN to help secure NC level 2.

  • Embossed Colour and Collage Frames

    …superbly well with a variety of materials, pastels, chalks, wax crayons etc and each one gives a different effect depending on whether the positive or negative side of the card is used. These simple frames enable children of all ages to create, design, achieve and produce. Super SEN resource pack.

  • A4 Rainbow Embossed Card

    …colour and create your very own designer product. Cut into masks, frames, creatures, gift tags and much more. Amazing effects on both the positive and negative sides of the embossing. Its wonderful tactile surfaces make it a superb EYFS and SEN pupils as well as Art/D&T and mixed media activities.

  • Place Value Bingo

    …for 7 players (with one as the caller), or more if playing as teams. Can also be played as an individual matching activity to help pupils get to grips with hundred, tens and units. Suitable for year 2 (6 years+) and older children with SEN.• Includes 6 bingo playing boards and 54 number cards

  • SPAG Revision Kit

    Support your pupils’ spelling, punctuation and grammar as they work through Phase 6 of Letters and Sounds and beyond into a wider world of spelling patterns, rules, grammar and strategies. This brilliant value range of games and directories complement and offer further multisensory practice, to…

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