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  • Seed Pots

    This seed tray holds 40 x 60mm pots.• Pots included

  • Educational Seed Collection

    The ideal introduction for the next generation of gardeners. Perfect for window boxes, pots and containers, grow bags or flower/veg patch of 9-12m² depending on number of seeds sown.

  • Hydroponics Lab

    Reveal the hidden magic of plant roots - no soil required. Unique, transparent seed baskets provide a view of seedlings growing both up and down while the shatterproof plastic tubes provide a mess-free way of exploring hydroponics with water or any other media. Age: 5 years+.Contains:• 3 x test…

  • Multi-Purpose Compost

    An economic, soil based, all-purpose compost for use indoors and outdoors. Suitable for sowing seeds, rooting cuttings, transplanting seedlings, putting up containers and baskets and planting out in the garden. We recommend that children wear gardening gloves when using this product.

  • Natural Dried Exotic Mix

    This pack contains seed pods and cones in natural colours filled with texture, shape and intrigue.

  • Gardening Kit

    Buy this gardening kit as a perfect start to encouraging new gardeners, and save over 15%.This set includes: • 6 x trowels• 6 x forks• 6 x children's gardening gloves• 1 x watering can• 1 x educational seed collection• 3 x buckets• 40 x seed pots• 1 x 10 litre multi-purpose compost

  • Garden Explorers Extra Curled Cress Seeds

    These cress seeds are quick and easy to grow and can be grown all year round on a windowsill. They can be eaten within 10-12 days.• Plant: year round on a windowsill• 1 packet contains 2000 seeds

  • Window Greenhouse Classpack

    Watch life science in action. Each watertight greenhouse has a hook and loop closure, plus a suction cup that attaches to any window. Children just fill the greenhouses with wet paper or growing crystals, add seeds and watch them sprout.

  • Life Cycle of a Bean

    Watch a green bean seed germinate, develop roots, and finally sprout, with the Life Cycle of a Green Bean. The set features four figures, including a sprouted Green Bean figurine. Parents and teachers use this plant life cycle to teach children about the wonders of life in an engaging way, with…

  • Plants Activity Tub

    …students need to investigate plants in depth. The tub includes cards with engaging activities plus ready-to-use materials for exploring plant concepts.• Includes activity cards, seeds, peat pellets, stamps, rulers, posters, vocabulary cards and writing prompts• Includes teachers' guide

  • Life Cycles Science Kit

    …cycles, with many suggested activities including looking at seeds, germination, life cycles of mammals, habitat surveys, predators and prey.Contains:• Viewing container• Guide to dispersal of fruits and seeds• Frog lifecycle poster• Petri dishes• Magnifying glasses•…

  • Plant Science Classroom Kit

    …humidity and more.Contains:• Biodegradable Planter with Clear Dome Lids (2 per student)• Planting mixture• Mustard seeds (2 packs)• Polka Dot Plant seeds (2 packs)• Water retention polymers• Plant stakes (2 per student)• Teacher instructions and student handouts

  • Young Gardener Grab And Go Kit

    A fantastic self contained kit which is ideal for the young gardeners in school. Includes trowels, forks, gardening gloves, watering cans, pack of seeds and many more, all contained in a storage box. Contents may vary.

  • Wooden Hexagonal Planter

    Our planter is designed for small groups to study growing plants and mini beasts. Watch roots grow from seeds through the three perspex viewing panels. The lip of the unit has a seat running along it so children can sit while planting.• Suitable for 5 to 11 years• Supplied fully assembled• Suitable…

  • Clear Stretch Beading Cord

    Thicker, stretchier and firmer than fishing line, this unique plastic stretchy cord is perfect for seed beads or any jewellery craft. • 1mm thick• Roll of 91m

  • African Percussion Set

    …players, with an African theme.Contains:• Egg shakers• Tulip blocks• Mini monkey drums• Caxixi shakers• Seed shakers• Cabasas• Frog tone block• Coconut hand drum • Crazy shaker• Seed rakatak knocker • Guide to African Music CD• Carry case

  • Aroma Dough

    Multi-sensory dough made from a unique moisturising formula of beeswax, grape seed oil and cocoa butter, each with a different blend of pure essential oils. Six different colours and fragrances in the handy plastic tub provided. Age: 3 years+.

  • Animals, Plants & Habitats Photocopiable Book

    …environment • Growing plants • Plants as food • Water and plants • Plants and light • Animals in the environment • Habitats • Life-cycles • Growing seeds • Similarities in humans and animals • Measuring differences • Grouping living things

  • Spud Bag

    A tough, woven plastic bag planter which is suitable for growing all varieties of potato. Each bag requires 3-5 seed potatoes in 40 litres of compost. The unique design allows easy access to potatoes. Integral drainage holes in the base and side carry handles.• Size: 360mm x 510mm• Sold…

  • Bugnoculars

    These all purpose bugnoculars are ideal for viewing insects, seeds, flowers, leaves or fossils with 3x twin magnifiers. The water tight bottom is ideal for viewing fish, tadpoles and other water dwelling life forms. Age: 3 years+.

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