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  • Scooters

    Our brightly coloured scooters are great for developing children's balancing skills. They are made of solid steel hi-impact polypropylene with durable EVA foam tyres. Age: 3 years+.

  • Twin Wheel Scooter

    A scooter which presents a great challenge. Develops the child's motor function and balance. Extra stability due to twin rear wheels. Excellent for beginners. Age: 2-4 years.

  • Circleline Scooter

    This scooter challenges the children’s sense of co-ordination and balance. Lots of fun for everyone. Age: 3 years+.

  • Three Wheel Scooter

    page723 Attractive push propelled scooter. Maximum stability due to the two rear wheels and non-slip standing plate. Age: 2-4 years.• Platform height: 100mm• Length: 590mm• Handle height: 580mm

  • Large Circleline Tricycle

    This tricycle is designed with a large front wheel enabling children from age 4 up to 8 years of age to have fun on the playground. The keen children will love to drive around on this trike. Age: 4 years+.• Size: 580mm(w) x 920mm(l) x 710mm(h)• Seat height: 410mm

  • Foot Twister™

    page722 page782 The foot twister is a fun and challenging innovative vehicle that is propelled forward by the zigzag motion of the child's feet. To get a smooth ride it takes equal amounts of rhythm, technique and upper body co-ordination. Both challenging and fun. Age: 4 years+.• 3 year…

  • Big Deal: Scooters Offer

    page727 Buy 4 scooters for the price of 3! Save £49.99Our brightly coloured scooters are great for developing childrens' balancing skills. They are made of solid steel hi-impact polypropylene with durable EVA foam tyres. Age: 3 years+.

  • Twin Taxi

    page722 page782 The twin taxi stimulates the imagination, the possibilities are endless. This taxi has room for three children, great for role playing activities in the playground. Age: 4 years+. • Easy one-step assembly• 5 year warranty on frame and fork• 1 year warranty on parts• Size:…

  • Circleline Trikes

    page725 Very popular, robust tricycles suitable for most children. A tricycle is a must on every playground. It stimulates the play of children and develops children's motor skills.

  • Tricycle with Rear Step

    page724 Classic tricycle with adjustable seat and a platform for children to stand on. Age: 2 years+.• Length: 620mm• Height at front: 530mm• Seat height: 310mm

  • Push Car

    page723 This push car has an easy-to-use steering wheel providing all speed enthusiastic toddlers with a day at the races. It supports children's motor and balance skills and play value is second to none. Age: 12 months+.• Length: 650mm• Seat height: 240mm• Handle height: 460mm

  • RABO® 3 Wheeled Tricycle

    page726 page782 This tricycle is a classic in the playground due to its level of play value, durability and smooth design. Age: 3-7 years.• Size: 550mm(w) x 750mm(l)• Height at front: 600mm• Seat height: 340mm• 5 year guarantee on frame and forks

  • RABO® 2 Wheeled Bike

    page726 This bike will become the children's first experience towards riding a traditional bicycle. The bike has broad tyres to make it easier to maintain balance or ride on uneven surfaces. Age: 3-7 years.• Size: 450mm(w) x 780mm(l)• Height at front: 600mm• Seat height: 340mm• 5…

  • RABO® Chariot

    page726 page782 This tricycle is great for social and physical play as it can be used by two children at once. It has two side and front bars in the rear section of the trike combined with a large flat surface for standing. Age: 3-8 years.• Size: 540mm(w) x 1070mm(l)• Height at front:…

  • Circleline EasyRider

    page725 This is a cool vehicle! Who will be the first on the playground to capture this great trike? Age: 4 years+.• Size: 510mm(w) x 830mm(l) • Height at front: 570mm• Height at rear: 190mm

  • Chubby Scooter

    page723 This robust and durable scooter is ideal as a first scooter for toddlers. The design makes it comfortable to ride and will also provide good balance training and stimulate children's motor skills. Age: 12 months+.• Length: 590mm• Seat height: 240mm• Handle height: 380mm

  • RABO® 2 Wheeled Scooter

    This scooter brings speed and balance combined with physical play for younger children. With broad and stable wheels, it is easy to manoeuvre even on loose gravel surfaces. Age: 3-7 years.

  • Small Tricycle

    page724 A tricycle suitable for even the smallest children. They can push themselves forward with their feet before they learn to use the pedals. Age: 12 months+.• Length: 650mm• Height at front: 520mm• Seat height: 240mm

  • 3 Seater Trundle Trike

    page724 A trundle trike for up to three children. Designed with double front wheels for maximum stability. This trike is great to encourage children's social development. Age: 12 months+.• Length: 1000mm• Height at front: 410mm• Seat height: 240mm

  • Push Bike for Two

    page724 Push-bike with passenger seat. Double front wheel increases security for children with difficulty in balancing. Age: 12 months+.• Length: 770mm• Height at front: 410mm• Seat height: 240mm

  • Cycle Helmet

    page723 page782 This is a well-constructed child’s safety helmet with size adjustment and adjustable chin-strap with safety closure. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 520-560mm

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