Sand And Water

  • Sand and Water Station

    page756 These sand and water play units are ideal for early years environments. The wooden removable lid can double as a play surface and the wheels mean that the station can be easily moved from room to room. The clear plastic tub features a screw-in bung for emptying the water. A canopy and…

  • Letter, Number and Shape Set

    Make playtime learning fun with this colourful collection of floating water friends! A set of 10 adorable ducks have dots on their backs and the matching numbers on their bellies. Odd numbers are in blue, even in orange. A set of 16 vibrant turtles which teach shape and colour recognition with…

  • Sand and Water Tray and Activity Rack

    sand and water tray with lightweight tubular steel frame. Lockable castors allow easy movement, a sturdy lid is provided and the drain plug allows easy cleaning. Combine either tray with a specially designed steel activity frame, item code: 033867 where you can hang buckets, jugs and other water

  • Sand and Water Tub with X-Stand

    page755 Water and sand play made simple! Age: 2 years+.Set includes:• Stand• A sturdy sand or water tub • Mesh storage shelf• Colours may vary• Stand height: 650mm• Tub Size: 495(w) x 700mm(d) x 150mm(h)

  • Clear Quadrant Sand and Water Unit

    page755 A perfect environment for exploration, sand and water or investigation. An ideal height for children. This set contains 4 foldable stands and 4 clear quadrant trays. Age: 3 years+• Stand height: 460mm• Tray size: 540mm(w) x 380mm(d) x 150mm(h)

  • Super Classroom Sand Set

    A great bumper pack of sand accessories. Age: 3 years+.

  • The Consortium Coloured Play Sand

    page745 This beautifully coloured sand is ideal for either your sand pit or to use in other play activities. Green sand for the hills, blue for the sea; the possibilities for open ended play are limitless. Age: 18 months+. Adult supervision is recommended with younger children.• Conforms to BS…

  • Pattern Paint Scraper

    An assorted set of plastic paint scrapers to create different effects in thickly applied paint, glitter or sand.

  • Hexagonal Wooden Sandpit with Lid

    This wonderful wooden sandpit has a traditional hexagonal design and comes with a Geo-textile underlay that you lay on the floor underneath and is held in place by the sandpit and the sand. The edge of the sandpit features a sturdy lip that serves as a great seat.

  • Oasis Sand and Water Unit

    This durable Oasis sand and water tray incorporates two levels of play connected by a ramp which can be used with sand, water or toys. These versatile, mobile units are perfect for any setting, with sturdy castors and handles that enable them to be easily moved. Also available is a practical top and…

  • Red Rock Sand and Water Unit

    page754 Good value, heavy duty plastic play table with strong steel tubular stand. Two castors on the stand allow for ease of movement. Stand folds together for easy storage and has a nylon reinforced plastic shelf, ideal for storing play items. The snug fitting lid makes a useful worktop. Age: 3…

  • The Consortium Circular Sand and Water Tray

    This circular sand and water tray is designed with multiple interior levels and slopes to allow children to explore many different activities. Constructed of strong durable plastic, with a heavy duty steel tubular frame. Comes with a plastic moulded lid. Age: 3 years+.

  • Space Sand Classroom Set

    sand has the same properties as the soil on Mars, so it stays completely dry, even when immersed in water. Ideal for hands on investigations, this non-toxic sand can be moulded and formed into shapes underwater. When the sand is lifted out it is totally dry and can be used again and again. The sand

  • AquaPlay® Play 'n' Go

    …to drive onto to get over and into the canal. By turning the paddle wheel the water moves the vehicles round and round through the canals. What’s even better is that the water lock helps the child to understand how water flows, lifts and climbs. This set can also be separated and the two box halves…

  • Kaskade™ Waterfall System

    This is a unique combined waterfall system in one tray containing three reservoirs. Children can let the water flow from one reservoir to the other by opening and closing the fitted taps. Water can be recycled back to the top reservoir from the bottom. Comes complete with a sturdy metal stand. Age:…

  • Clear Waterflow Channelling System

    This unique set of bamboo effect water channels are made of strong clear plastic. The clear channels allow children to explore the principles of flowing water from above and below. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is supplied with 8 metal clips designed to fit the channels which can be…

  • Large Sand and Water Play Set

    page748 This sand and water play set contains everything needed for having fun with sand and water. Age: 3 years+.Set Includes:• Shovels, scoops, rakes, claws, sieves, buckets, watering can, water wheels and sand moulds• Set of 60 pieces

  • SeaWeenies Starfish Sand & Water Wheel

    This starfish sand and water wheel teaches children about weight, mathematical concepts, fine motor skills and capacity. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 100mm(w) x 175mm(dia)

  • Funnels

    This set of funnels is an essential for any sand and water area. Age: 3 years+.

  • Duna Sand and Water Table

    …setting. Inspire creativity and provoke curiosity and wonder in early science experiments. The deep clear tray is ideal for water exploration. The shallow tray is great for sand activities and cleverly doubles as a lid. The Duna 43 also features a handy storage shelf.• Duna 28: size: 590mm(w) x…

  • Discovery Dinosaur Bones

    These tactile dinosaur bones are guaranteed to inspire and excite. Bury them in sand or soil, place them in a water tray or leave them outside to be discovered. They will appeal to children's natural instincts to investigate, sort, order and compare. They provide the opportunity to introduce and…

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