• De-Icing Salt

    Our white marine salt is a certified high quality winter de-icer which leaves no messy residue when trodden into vehicles and buildings.• Conforms to BS3247(1991), suitable for use in salt spreaders• Vital for safety • 25kg bag

  • Dishwasher Salt

    Great value dishwasher salt.• Aids softening of water• 10kg• Sold singly• Packaging may vary

  • Salt Tablets

    Suitable for use in all brands of water softener and dishwashers.• 25kg

  • Finish Dishwasher Salt

    Prevents the formation of spots and watermarks. Softens water and helps boost cleaning.• Available in 2 sizes• Sold singly

  • Magic Ice Melt SSP-100

    Six times more effective than de-icing salt - the professional way to clear ice and snow.

  • Hand Salt Spreader/Scoop

    Multi-functional feeder for steady spreading of salt or ice melt.

  • Silk Paint Starter Set

    A great set to get you started in silk painting. • Set contains: 6 x 150ml intense colours which are totally intermixable and heat fixed, rock salt for special effects, 100 silk pins for securing silk to frames, gutta and instructions

  • Salt Spreaders

    …Spread width of up to 3 metres• 36kg model has a stainless steel handle for extra corrosion protection• These spreaders should only be used with salt of British Standard BS3247 and ice melt which can be found on page 1611 of the education catalogue, the salt should be dry and free flowing

  • 200 Litre Salt and Grit Bins

    • Capacity: 7cu.ft• Size: 1200mm(w) x 540mm(d) x 625mm(h)

  • Geosafari® Sedimentary Rock Collection

    …exciting learning with this fascinating sedimentary rocks collection. Includes samples of 12 different sedimentary rocks (Siltstone, Sandstone, Rock Salt, Coal, Limestone, Arkose, Conglomerate, Fossilferous Limestone, Mudstone, Shale, Travertine and Rock Gypsum), full-colour identification chart,…

  • Country Play Kitchen

    …with clicking dials, storage cupboard, Belfast sink, clock and utensil shelves. It comes complete with three kitchen utensils, a plastic bowl in the sink, salt and pepper as well as washing up liquid for extra play value; making the kitchen feel more like home for any aspiring chef. Age 3 years+.

  • Professional Fairy Dishwasher Tablets

    Fairy All in One powers through grease with added glass protection, metal shine, salt action, Fairy cleaning power and rinse aid action. Cleans brilliantly leaving nothing but shine even in short cycles.• Available in original or lemon• 100 tablets

  • 400 Litre Salt and Grit Bins

    • Capacity: 14cu.ft• Size: 1200mm(w) x 775mm(d) x 805mm(h)

  • Breakfast Set

    …for pretend breakfast is designed to provide hours of role-play fun and learning opportunities. The set contains cups, plates, cutlery, teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, eggs in egg cups together with essential salt and pepper, tumblers, bread slices and croissants. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 34 pieces

  • Ice Breaker

    Ice can be a significant hazard and requires large amounts of salt to clear on its own. Use this ice breaker to get under and break up hard layers of ice that can then be cleared to create a safer environment.• Tough steel blade and a robust wooden shaft• Weight: 1.2kg• Size: 140mm(w)…

  • Indesit Ecotime DFG 15B1 Dishwasher - White

    …So you can fit in 13 sets of plates, cutlery, saucers, glasses and bowls all in one go. This dishwasher has an anti-flood device too, which detects leaks and cuts off the water supply. • Salt light indicator• Adjustable decalcification• A+ energy rating• 850mm (h) x 600mm (w) x 600mm (d)• 47kg

  • Midi Grit Bin

    Ideal for private roads and small car parking areas.• Suitable for indoor/outdoor use• Fitted with a lockable latch which can be secured by a padlock (available to order separately)• Yellow• 80 litres, holds 80kg of salt• Size: 650mm(w) x 550mm(d) x 570mm(h)

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