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  • Soft Touch Rugby Ball

    A soft-touch rugby ball is ideal for teaching children the basics of rugby as well as a great ball for developing throwing and catching skills.• Available in sizes 4 and 5• Sold singly

  • Mesh Panel Ball Sack

    Heavy duty nylon bag with draw cord closure and mesh panels to allow balls to dry out when wet.• Capacity: Up to 12 balls• Sold singly

  • Mitre® Cub Development Rugby Ball

    The Cub is a soft feel rugby ball developed for younger players to safely introduce them to kicking, catching and handling. A tough rubber compound with deep pimple emboss makes the Cub a reliable youth club option as well as an individual practice ball.

  • 12 Mitre® Sabre Rugby Ball Deal

    A popular training ball with a deep pimple emboss. The Mitre® mesh ball sack is made from heavy-duty nylon with mesh panels and an adjustable padded shoulder strap.Contains:• 12 Mitre Sabre rugby balls• 1 Mitre ball sack

  • Mitre® Sabre Training Rugby Balls

    A popular, high graphic, full specification training ball. Dual colour graphics and deep pimple emboss make this ball great for handling. • Suitable for all ages• Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5• Sold singly

  • Mesh Panel Ball Sack

    Heavy nylon bag with draw cord, mesh panel allows balls to dry out when wet.• Capacity: Up to 12 balls• Sold singly

  • Value Rugby Ball

    Great value, excellent quality and high grip, meaning this ball can still be used even in wet weather conditions. • Available in sizes 4 and 5• 3 Ply lining • Designs may vary• Sold singly

  • Gilbert Zenon Training Rugby Balls

    …polycotton and cotton laminate training ball with a durable rubber surface. Ideal for schools, clubs and junior rugby.• Hydratec - technical fabrics and external waterproof laminations are combined to enhance the life and performance of balls• Conforms to all IRB specifications •…

  • Foam Skinned Rugby Ball

    This soft skinned rugby ball is a great way of introducing young children to rugby.• Length: 225mm• Colours may vary• Sold singly

  • First-Play® Rugby Ball

    The First-Play® rugby ball is made from highly durable nylon. Its colourful design makes it easier to visually track while moving.Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. • Size 3• Sold singly

  • Mesh Ball Sack

    Bag has ventilated panels to assist drying and comes with a zip-top closure. • Capacity: up to 12 balls• Sold singly

  • Rugby Value Kit

    This great value rugby kit contains all the basic equipment you need to help get your class playing rugby. Available in 2 sizes.Kit contains:• 12 x Mitre Sabre rugby balls• 10 x Core training bibs• 1 x Mesh panel ball sack

  • Youth Sport Direct F-Light Rugby Ball

    Rugby Ball is the perfect starter ball for any budding rugby player. The lightweight ball is suitable for all ages and abilities, the balloon like flight of the ball helps to improve hand eye co-ordination, building confidence to catch a moving ball. Machine stitched super soft PVC material ball

  • Rugby Rebel Wall Ball

    The Rugby Rebel wall Ball is perfectly designed to increase the players skill base in passing and line outs. With printed hands and directional arrows the player can easily understand how they should hold the ball. The flat nose allows the ball to rebound directly off the wall therefore giving the…

  • Spiral Rugby Ball

    These balls spin through the air and makes throwing an art. Easy-to-catch contouring to help develop catching skills. Constructed of moulded foam.

  • Gilbert Omega Match Rugby Balls

    The Gilbert Omega Rugby Balls is a World Rugby approved ball suitable for club or school level rugby as well as for mini or junior rugby. • Standard grip• Truflight valve• 3 polycotton and cotton laminate• Functional rubber surface • Hand stitched • Available sizes 4…

  • Mitre® Grid Training Rugby Balls

    …excellent value, full specification training ball suitable for all levels of the game. With deep pimple emboss for lasting all-weather grip. Strong 2-ply canvas lining provides shape and size retention making the Grid the best value training ball available.• Available in sizes 4 and 5•…

  • First-Play® Rugby Rounders

    …bat and ball, a rugby ball is used. It will help develop children’s kicking, passing, throwing and catching skills. A great team game aimed at all ages and abilities. Contains:• 4 x multibases • 4 x posts 1000mm(h)• 1x kick off marker spot• 1 x kicking tee• 1 x size 4 rugby

  • Centurion Tag Rugby Development Kit

    …introduction to the game of rugby.Contains:• 14 x tag rugby belts• 52 x markers• 1 x inflater• 1 x stopwatch• 1 x whistle and lanyard• 1 x easy-grip ball• 1 x foam rugby ball• 1 x synthetic rugby ball• 1 x set of guidance notes• 1 x mesh holdall

  • Kit for Purpose Tag Rugby Kit

    This pack is ideal for introducing tag rugby into school activities. Contains:• 10 x collapsible cones (height 230mm)• 7 x red tag rugby belts• 7 x blue tag rugby belts• Tag belt waist range: 24" - 40"• 2 x Mitre® Sabre rugby balls (size 4)

  • First-Play® Large Ball Pack

    This pack of 18 balls provides an excellent introduction to throwing and catching, along with developing ball skills.Contains:• 4 x 200mm foamballs• 2 x foam rugby balls• 4 x 100mm soft touch playballs• 4 x 150mm soft touch playballs • 4 x 200mm soft touch playballs • 1…

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