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  • Rounders Posts and Bases

    Great value rounders posts and bases.

  • Aresson Club Rounders Set

    …Club Rounders Set contains everything you need to practice and play rounders.Contains: • 4 x Aresson Autocrat rounders bats• 2 x Aresson Autocrat rounders match balls• 1 x Aresson Bullet rounders ball• 1 x Aresson Softy rounders ball• 4 x 1.2m posts• 4 x bases• 1 x…

  • Rounders Posts and Bases

    Great value rounders posts and bases.

  • Aresson Premium Rounders Kit

    Excellent quality rounders kit containing everything you need to start playing rounders.Contains:• 1 x 4ft Rounders Bag• 1 x Set four RE approved posts and bases• 1 x Batting Tee and Base• 6 x Red Vision Bats• 4 x Softy Rounders Balls• 4 x Orange Autocrat Balls• 4…

  • Aresson Junior Rounders Set

    …Suitable for 7-11 year olds.Contains:• 3 x Image bats• 3 x flatty bats• 2 x softy balls• 2 x All play soft balls• 4 x rubber bases• 4 x 900mm plastic posts• 1 x batting tee and base• 1 x Rounders England small games cards • 1 x Junior rounders bag

  • First-Play® Rugby Rounders

    This innovative game is great fun to play and easy to pick up. Based around the principle of rounders, but instead of a bat and ball, a rugby ball is used. It will help develop children’s kicking, passing, throwing and catching skills. A great team game aimed at all ages and abilities.

  • Aresson Mini Rounders Set

    An ideal set for introducing 6 to 11 year olds to the game.Contains:• Lightweight bat and ball• 4 plastic stumps and bases• Basic rules• Carry case

  • Aresson Team Builder Rounders Set

    …Key Stage 2 players and Secondary school players. Contains:• 4 x Aresson Image rounders bats • 1 x Aresson Autocrat rounders ball• 1 x Aresson Bullet rounders ball• 4 x 1.2m posts with safety caps• 4 x bases• 1 x Rounders England Rules of the Game• 1 x holdall

  • Aresson Primary Starter Rounders Set

    …varying abilities. An excellent multi skills set for 5-7 year olds and beginnners.Kit contains: • 4 x batting tees and bases• 4 x foam bats• 4 x flatty bats• 4 x All Play Soft balls• 4 x 90mm foam balls• 16 x cones• 1 x Rounders England Small Rounders Games cards for ideas• 1 x Aresson holdall

  • Aresson School Rounders Starter Pack

    This pack contains everything you need to get started at rounders.Contains:• 4 x posts and bases • 8 x Image bats• 4 x Autocrat balls• 4 x Bullet balls • 4 x Softy balls • 1 x rules of the game• 1 x holdall

  • Aresson Early Years Rounders Set

    …large foam ball. Contains enough kit to allow two very simple games to take place simultaneously increasing levels of participation.Kit contains: • 20 x bean bags• 2 x foam bats• 2 x paddle bats• 2 x batting tees and bases• 4 x 9cm foam balls• 8 x cones• 1 x Aresson holdall• Teaching guide

  • Kit for Purpose Schools Rounders Kit

    A fantastic value kit containing everything you need to start learning and playing rounders.Contains:• 2 x Soft and Safe rounders balls • 2 x Aresson Bullet rounders balls• 2 x Aresson Mirage rounders bats• 4 x plastic posts• 4 x rubber bases

  • Indoor Bases Set

    Throw down bases for softball and baseball. The smooth rubber gives adhesion to dry floor surfaces.

  • Bronx Fastball Soft Bases - Full Set

    Stuffed bases for outdoor use and includes ground spikes to secure to ground. Pitchers and Home plate are rubber throw down pieces.• Set of 3 stuffed bases, 1 home plate and 1 pitchers plate• Suitable for outdoor use only

  • Central Mini Cricket Deal

    Central Mini Cricket deal for developing early cricket skills and introducing new players to the game. Kit contains: • 5 x Set of stumps and bases• 2 x Junior bats • 8 x Senior bats• 10 x Mini tees• 5 x Rounders bats• 1 x Tennis racket• 1 x Carry bag

  • Wilks Team Builder Sets

    …required for school and club practise sessions including a handy teaching pack with rules and games ideas.Contains: •2 x Big Hitter Maxi softball bats (34")•2 x Storm softballs• 2 x Hurricane softballs•10 x 12" LH catching gloves, •1 x rubber base mat set•1x kit bag

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