• The Romans Pack

    …of engineering that changed how we live today and much more.Includes:• Teachers notes • Full colour A2 posters • Worksheets • Fact sheets • 30 x colour printed writing frames • Make an olive leaf wreath class activity • Design a Roman Mosaic class activity • Decorate a Roman Helmet class activity

  • History Timeline Cards - Romans in Britain

    Activate Roman history in Britain with this fun interactive timeline and game! Sequence and build your own timeline using the timeline cards and display; then answer a range of topic based questions. This engaging game can be used as a ‘living’ reference display or can be played again and again.

  • Roman Britain: Invasion & Conquest Poster

    This informative poster includes a map of Roman Britain and information on Roman villas and artefacts, as well as information on the invasion of Britain in AD43.

  • Invaders of the UK Map

    This map provides an overview of the invaders of the United Kingdom, from the Romans to the Normans, enabling pupils to understand the geographical origins of the invading forces that shaped the history of the country.

  • Roman Masks Craft Pack

    This Roman masks kit is a fantastic learning support for history projects.

  • Roman Numeral Bingo

    A roman numeral version of the ever popular bingo game! Children will love playing this fun game whilst learning roman numerals.• Board size: 150mm(l) x 150mm(h)

  • Roman Archaeo-Box

    Aimed at stimulating historical research, through the power of practical archaeology and real objects. Developed to provide thoughtful, fun and stimulating practical educational activities, to enable quality learning about the past.• Suitable for 7 to 11 years

  • Artefacts Through History Collection

    …more! Perfect for renewing or starting a fresh artefact collection.Includes: • Resin Flintstone Hand Axe• 5 Roman Knucklebones• Roman Strigil• Classical Roman Lamp• Greek Spinning Top• Anglo Saxon Chainmail Patch• Egyptian Replica God Bast• Viking Horn•…

  • Place Value Fishing

    …learn place value. Counters are colour coded – units are blue, tens are red, hundreds are yellow, thousands are green. Counters and work cards have roman numerals on one side and arabic numbers on the reverse. Suitable for up to 2 players. Age: 3 years+.• Supplied with a teachers’ instruction…

  • Romans Artefacts Pack

    …period.Includes: • Replica Roman Helmet • 2 x Replica Roman Torcs • 3 x Replica Roman Rings • Roman Spoon • Hadrian Gold Coin • 2 x Information Posters• 4 x A5 Colour Postcards• A4 Make your own Roman Helmet Template• Interactive Romans Desktop Timeline.

  • Roman Timeline

    This timeline will enable teachers and pupils to put the Roman invasion of Britain into the wider context of the growth and decline of the Roman Empire.

  • Romans in Britain Poster Set

    Two A1 Posters packed with Information, maps, photographs, illustrations and facts all relating to the Roman invasion and occupation of Britain. Also includes information on the resistance of local tribes and the life and civilisation of the Roman people.

  • A6 Double Sided Roman Numeral Cards

    A superbly simple resource for teaching Roman Numerals. One side features a Roman Numeral, the reverse shows the equivalent modern number.

  • Roman Numeral Snap

    An interesting snap game which supports children’s learning of Roman numerals in a fun way. The cards cover I (1) to M (1,000) and demonstrate to children where they might find Roman numerals still being used; clock faces, the names of Kings and Queens and there are also some sums to provide an…

  • The Invaders Photocopiable Book

    …comprehensive background information and detailed lesson plans.Contains:• People on the Move• The Roman Invasions• The Romans and the Britons• Researching the Romans• Boudica• The Anglo-Saxons• Sutton Hoo• The Vikings• Viking Ships• Researching the…

  • 7 Faces Large Teaching Clock

    Easy to read clock with 7 different faces- 12hr, 24hr, roman numerals, minutes, words, fractions and also a blank face.

  • Year 3 And Year 4 Complete Maths Kit

    This bumper kit of resources has been specifically put together to support you in teaching and children in learning the objectives. From place value to roman numerals, we have everything you need to give you a good base to build upon.

  • British History Timeline

    …day, this timeline features images and photographs to help your pupils understand the chronology behind the study of history. Events such as the Roman invasion, the signing of the Magna Carta and the Dissolution of the Monasteries are shown, right up to the invention of the Internet and the London…

  • BrainBox Awful Ancients

    Worded in true Horrible Histories style, BrainBox Awful Ancients is a fun way to learn all about life in ancient times; including Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.

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