Rolling Pins

  • Wooden Rolling Pins

    page1672 Wooden rolling pins that are ideal for rolling pastry or dough.• Available in two sizes

  • Plastic Rolling Pins

    page1672 These plastic rolling pins are easy to clean and non-stick.• Polyethylene • White• Available in two sizes

  • Textured Rolling Pins

    page459 Wooden rolling pins designed to give four different textural effects. Can be used with modelling materials, sand or with paints.• Pack of 4 different shapesSN006533

  • Cooking Essentials Kit

    page978 page1011 page1670 A kit of equipment suitable for 2 young people. Includes:• 1 x measuring jug• 2 x wooden rolling pins• 2 x wooden spoons• 2 x stainless steel mixing bowls• 4 x chopping boards• 1 x baking tray• 1 x non-stick roasting tray• 2 x potato…

  • Modelling Set

    page466 A super value classpack. Age: 3 years+. • Contains 6 x large plastic spatulas, 6 x smooth plastic rolling pins, 12 x small plastic cutters and 12 x dough extruder guns• Pack of 36

  • Heavy Duty Rolling Pin

    Extra long, heavy duty rolling pin for use with clay. Can be used with rolling guides and hessian square for perfect clay slabs!

  • Rolling Guides

    page458 Use these rolling guides in conjunction with a rolling pin and a hessian square for perfect clay slabs. Clay thickness 6mm.• Size: 460mm(w) x 32mm(d) x 6mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Jar of Modelling Tools and Cutters

    page466 • 95 modelling tools and cutters made from bright sturdy plastic• Contains: 5 rolling pins, 5 spatulas, 5 sets of assorted modelling tools and assorted shaped dough cutters including animals, vehicles and objects• Supplied in a handy, screw top plastic jar

  • Christmas Rubber Rolling Pins

    page415 page464 These festive rolling pins are ideal for use with modelling dough and clay to create interesting Christmas designs. You can also use them with ready mix paint. The Rubber Rolling Pins are durable and feature different Christmas designs.• Assorted rollers• Pack of 4

  • Cooking and Baking Utensils

    This cooking and baking set includes frying pan, pot with lid, saucepan, spatula, turner, rolling pin, measuring spoons, whisk, pastry cutter, and a spatula. Age: 3 years+.

  • Victorian Kitchen

    Bring history to life with this fantastic, authentic Victorian kitchen.Contains:• Handled wicker basket• Pudding basin• Mixing bowl• Beaded food cover• Butter 'hands'• Egg timer• Butter muslin• Rolling pin• Copper jelly mould and jelly bag• Iron

  • Food Technology Kit

    …scale• 1 x measuring jug• 4 x chopping boards• 1 x potato peeler• 4 x plastic mixing bowls• 5 x wooden spoons• 2 x whisks• 4 x graters• 1 x sieve• 4 x wooden rolling pins• 1 x pastry brush• 1 x pack of pastry cutters• 4 x white aprons

  • Baking Essentials Kit

    …bun tray• 1 x loaf tin• 2 x non-stick loose bottom cake tins• 1 x plastic mixing bowl• 2 x cooling racks• 2 x wooden rolling pins• 2 x plastic spatulas• 1 x set of measuring spoons • 2 x wooden spoons• 1 x mechanical scale• 2 x white aprons (838mm(w)…

  • Mark Making Kit 1

    …contains:• 1 x Boxwood Tools Pack of 10 – for making marks and indentations in sand, dough, clay and other materials• 1 x Patterned Wood Rolling Pins Set of 4• 1 x Paint/Sand Scrapers Set of 4• 1 x Crafty Foam Shapes Set of 24• 1 x Large Stable Water pots Set of 4• 1 x…

  • Cascade Chenille - 2m Assorted Colours

    • A wire-free fluffy chenille, ideal for collage, tying or trimming• It can be pinned, oversewn, stapled or glued• Each roll is 2 metres long

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