• Picture Caption Matching - Letters and Sounds Series

    These illustrated jigsaws will provide pupils with a bridge between the reading of single words and the reading of sentences - all decodable and at the correct reading level. • Each boxed set (260mm x 205mm) contains 15-20 self correcting puzzles where only the correct pieces will fit together

  • Learning to Read First Words

    …words! Players build 16 words with short vowel sounds by assembling colourful puzzles. Challenge growing skills by flipping over the pieces to build the words without pictures. The set includes 48 puzzle pieces and activity directions. Age: 4 years+.• 48 puzzle pieces and activity directions

  • Pick and Mix People Game

    Mix, match and make funny combinations as you try to make complete people. 36 brightly illustrated cards to make up twelve different characters. Age: 3 years+.• Card sizes: head 90mm(w) x 57mm(h), body 90mm(w) x 55mm(h), legs 90mm(w) x 50mm(h)• 1-4 players

  • Learn to Count & Match Puzzle

    Learn to count by playing and matching the pictures to the correct numbers. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 30 pieces

  • 1-9 Number Puzzles

    puzzles has the same number of puzzle pieces as the number that it forms and each piece is printed with an image of a marine animal. Each chunky wooden puzzle piece is generously sized to make it easier for little hands to lift, grasp, examine and replace. Age: 12 months+.• Set of 9 puzzles

  • All the 7 Days

    A charming puzzle to help children learn the days of the week and then place them in the correct order. Age: 4 years+.• 7 self-correcting 3 piece puzzles

  • Multicultural Puzzles

    These four puzzles show children of all races interacting and playing together and can be used to encourage group or individual discussions on the topics shown. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 210mm x 290mm• Set of 4 tray puzzles, with 16 pieces each

  • 123 Number Puzzle

    A fun way to count to ten and develop early number skills. Age: 3 years+.

  • Months of the Year Puzzles

    A fun filled and ingenious method of learning the names of the months in their order. Put all the months together to create a colourful calendar. Age: 4 years+.• 12 Self-correcting 3 piece puzzles

  • Lift Out Puzzles

    Each chunky wooden puzzle piece is generously sized to make it easier for little hands to lift, grasp, examine and replace. Helps to develop dexterity, matching skills and concentration. The wooden base boards are printed with images or colours to aid the learning process and add educational value.…

  • Alphabet Match

    Learn the alphabet by matching the simple pictures to the letters. Only the correct cards will fit together. Age: 4 years+• Size of each letter puzzle: 130mm(w) x 65mm(h)

  • Colourful Dog Puzzles

    These chunky puzzles are brightly coloured and made from rubberwood. They will help encourage early number and letter recognition. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 540mm x 133mm• 26 pieces

  • Black and White Puzzles

    Puzzles specifically designed in black and white for stimulation of young children. Each puzzle has four chunky pieces to make it easier for little hands. The set includes one pet and one animal puzzle. Age: 10 months+.• Size: 200mm(w) x 12mm(d) x 200mm(h)• Each puzzle has 4 pieces•…

  • Emotions Puzzles

    This set of emotions tray puzzles clearly illustrate the different facial expressions depicting different feelings. Age: 3 years+.

  • Maze Puzzle

    Choosing the right shape is just the first puzzle! With different obstacles on each bar children have to think about how to take the blocks out and put them back again. This puzzle helps children learn about shapes and colours, and practice solving problems. Age: 18 months+.• Size: 300mm(w) x…

  • Happy Architect

    A puzzle, building set and dolls’ house all in one, The Happy Architect is brilliant for open ended play while developing fine motor skills. Children can add rooms, make hallways or individual smaller houses. Once built, it doubles as a dolls house or a castle. It's made from thick and sturdy 9mm…

  • Colours and Shapes Puzzles

    These lovely, bright puzzles are perfect for helping early learners to recognise colours, shapes, animals and everyday things. The pieces are perfectly sized for little hands and are ideal for developing co-ordination and dexterity. Set of 4 different puzzles in each. Age: 12 months+.• Size:…

  • My First Number Snap

    Young children will love using this deck of cards to learn about numbers. The cards let you play two favourite games, Snap and Pairs using early-years number concepts. Two fun games in one that help children learn fundamental maths concepts. The cards show the number, the word and pictures in…

  • Race and Abilities Puzzles

    A set of puzzles that provides discussion points within the PSHE National Curriculum subject area. Age: 3 years+.• Made from plywood with paper laid surface• Size: 210mm x 290mm• Set of 4

  • Giant Town Jigsaw

    Children can create a giant town with this jigsaw and increase the play value by adding their own cars, trains and toys. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 855mm(w) x 695mm(d)• 15 puzzle pieces• 15 stand up play pieces

  • 1-10 Counting Puzzles

    A set of 2 counting puzzles. Toes puzzle contains 16 pieces, fingers puzzle contains 14 pieces. Age: 2 years+.• Toes puzzle size: 378mm(w) x 264mm(h)• Fingers puzzle size: 378mm(w) x 206mm(h)• Set of 2

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