• Simple Machines Activity Set

    …for young children to develop enthusiasm from a early age. Colourful set engages primary learners in the understanding of key physics concepts. Easy-to-use it introduces primary learners to all six simple machines- Pulley, lever, wheel and axle, inclined plane, screw and wedge. Age: 5 years+.

  • Pulley Wheels Classpack

    This great value pulley classpack consists of reducers and black and red pulleys.

  • Pulleys

    A selection of high quality, black plastic, push-to-fit pulleys.• 2mm bore• Pack of 10

  • Block and Tackle Set

    Children will be amazed at how this simple pulley system helps them lift heavy items with ease. It can be hung from the ceiling, a wall bracket or taken outside. Will encourage co-operative skills, mathematical vocabulary, and a real appreciation of the relative weight of anything they should choose…

  • Single Pulley Block

    This plastic single block pulley is ideal for mechanical advantage experiments.

  • K'NEX Intro to Simple Machines: Levers & Pulleys

    …different types of pulley systems and test them to determine how they operate• Identify key parts of pulley systems• Compare and contrast how different pulley systems function• Identify appropriate places where different pulley systems are used• Discuss how pulleys change the…

  • Simple Machines Deluxe

    Designed to introduce students to the scientific concepts associated with simple machines- Levers, Pulleys, Wheels & Axles, Planes and Gears. As students build and investigate they are encouraged to discuss and evaluate the scientific principles in action in the set models. The set builds 60 working…

  • TechCard Class Kit - Build it

    Explore wheels and axles, cams, cranks, pulleys and gears.

  • Motorised Pulley-Driven Chassis Kit

    Contains all the parts necessary to construct a motorised pulley-driven chassis vehicle. It will demonstrate basic construction skills and is the simplest form of motorised vehicle.

  • Macro Forces Kit

    …of worksheets and experiment ideas, pupils will learn all about gravity, friction and inertia.Contains:• Clamp stand and clamps• Pulleys• Force meters• Lollipop sticks• Straws• Elastic bands• Fasteners• Needles• Balloons• String• Weights•…

  • Clearbox Pulley-Driven Chassis Kit

    This kit uses a pulley drive to connect the gearbox with the main drive axle, requiring less alignment accuracy. The kit contains all the basic components needed to construct a single chassis vehicle.

  • Harrod Round Tennis Posts

    76mm round tennis posts that come with a heavy duty brass winder and aluminium pulley wheel.

  • Harrod Freestanding Practice Tennis Posts

    …from 76mm sq. x 3.2mm steel• Steel brace for added strength• Polyester powder coated green• Heavy duty brass winder and brass pulley wheel• Stainless steel net retaining bars• 3 x 50mm sq. detachable middle sections for easy storage• Rubber pads to protect surface•…

  • Harrod Square Tennis Posts

    …tennis posts, ideal for school and club use.• Steel: 76mm x 3.2mm • Polyester powder coated green• Heavy duty brass winder and brass pulley wheel• Stainless steel net retaining rod• 359mm deep sockets with a 79mm square internal face• Flush fitting hinged lids•…

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