• Thinking Skills - PSHE & Citizenship Activities Book

    Developed to support the PSHE and Citizenship framework as well as develop thinking skills, this innovative resource contains a variety of photocopiable games and activities on many challenging topics ranging from bullying and racism to road safety. Ideal for individuals, pairs, small groups or the…

  • Portion Distortion Poster

    Vividly illustrating the difference between actual and recommended servings of food, this poster gives the clear message that bigger is not better. Features easy ways to measure portions.• Laminated• Size: 610mm(w) x 457mm(h)

  • Pregnancy & Contraception Poster Set

    Posters displaying the details of contraception and pregnancy. • Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 840mm(h)• Set of 2

  • Prejudice & Difference Poster Set

    Set of posters about prejudice in society and showing how everybody's different.• Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 841mm(h)• Set of 2

  • Sex Education Poster Set

    Sex Education posters covering reproductive organs and sex discussions.• Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 840mm(h)• Set of 2

  • Clever Catch Drugs & Alcohol Ball

    Start learning about the effects that drugs and alcohol have on our bodies, relationships and lifestyles. The student has to answer the question under their left thumb when the ball is caught. A fun and easy way to introduce an often difficult topic. • Size: 610mm(dia.)

  • Healthy Living Activity Set

    This activity set engages students in fun, thought-provoking activities that encourage co-operation and collaboration. The set covers topics such as the human body, nutrition, teeth, effects of smoking, danger of drugs and alcohol, exercise and much more. Comprehensive teacher and student notes are…

  • Multicultural Bolder Borders

    The perfect finish to any culturally diverse display, these border packs contain 11 x 1m long strips.• Pack of 4: People of the World, Respect, World Welcome and Trend Kids•Total of 44 strips per pack

  • Cross Section Brain Model

    Teaching students about the complexities of the human brain is easy with this labelled cross-section model. One half is labelled with the parts of the brain and the other has letters only for testing purposes. • Includes activity guide • Size: 130mm(dia.)

  • Personal Safety and Well Being Board Games Set

    Set of games promoting discussion and helping pupils to lead safe and healthy lives.• Games included: fire safety, road safety, cyber safety, healthy living and eating, good hygiene practices and hazards in the home• Includes: 6 x game boards, 6 x answer cards, 24 x counters and 1 x…

  • Nutrition Poster

    Nutrition poster including facts on a healthy balanced diet.• Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 840mm(h)• Sold singly

  • What's Inside Me Doll

    Introduce students to the basic organs and systems of the human body. Unbutton the doll's chest to explore the organs inside the human body. Match the different organs to different body systems. Squeeze the heart, lungs and stomach to hear different sounds!• Features 7 removable organs…

  • Healthy Eating Shopping Bags Game

    Learn all about healthy eating and the Eatwell Guide with this fun shopping bag game. The front of each card has a real life photo of a piece of food and the reverse side is coloured to match the shopping bag with the correct food group. Teachers lay the cards on a flat surface, image side up. …

  • Child Size Human Body Set

    This is a fascinating, life-size, anatomy-themed bulletin board.Contains:• 2 x figures • Header• Resource guide• Figure size: 1270mm(h) when assembled

  • Emotions Learning Cards

    Learning cards are a wonderful way to reinforce basic principles, lessons and skills. Age: 4 years+.• Card size: 140mm(w) x 210mm(h)• Set of 22• Includes resource guide

  • Feelings and Emotions Cards

    These cards have a photographic image on one side and activities for enquiry in class, group/talk-partner discussion or circle time on the reverse. Story starters on the reverse will encourage thinking and development in key social and emotional aspects of learning. The themes cover a diverse range…

  • Reading Comprehension Cards

    …double-sided cards will encourage your pupils to get to grips with reading! Full-colour photographs and a mix of fiction and non-fiction texts help keep them engaged while they learn! Cards cover Maths, Science and PSHE topics and each includes multiple-choice questions to answer after reading.

  • Focus on Behaviour & PSHE Bumper Kit

    Living in our fast-paced ever changing world can be quite a challenge at times, so make sure your pupils are equipped with the self-awareness, social and emotional skills to see them through life. This essential bumper kit contains everything needed to develop these critical skills that children…

  • Bullying Poster Set

    Set of 3 posters about bullying.Contains:• Bullying; The Facts Poster• Bullying; The Myths Poster• Don't Be A Victim Poster• Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 841mm(h)

  • Chatter Tracker - Sound Level Meter

    The easy approach to controlling noise levels in the classroom. As noise levels increase, lights change from green (acceptable), to amber (noise rising) to red (too noisy). Ideal for children with attention or behavioural problems, hearing impaired, or for general use in any excitable…

  • Anatomical Torso

    Realistically coloured, dissectible anatomical torso with detailed body parts in the correct proportion and location. A fantastic tool for learning about the major organs and the physical relationship between them.• 11 pieces • Includes key to body parts• Height: 500mm

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