• Race and Abilities Puzzles

    A set of puzzles that provides discussion points within the PSHE National Curriculum subject area. Age: 3 years+.

  • Personal Safety and Well Being Board Games Set

    Set of games promoting discussion and helping pupils to lead safe and healthy lives.• Games included: fire safety, road safety, cyber safety, healthy living and eating, good hygiene practices and hazards in the home• Includes: 6 x game boards, 6 x answer cards, 24 x counters and 1 x…

  • Bullies, Victims & Bystanders Game

    An excellent game designed to raise a child's awareness of bullying and how it feels to be bullied and encouraging proactive actions on the part of the bystander who observes the bullying. Every incident card has been weighted based on the severity of the bullying so that children can see how…

  • Clever Catch Drugs & Alcohol Ball

    Start learning about the effects that drugs and alcohol have on our bodies, relationships and lifestyles. The student has to answer the question under their left thumb when the ball is caught. A fun and easy way to introduce an often difficult topic. • Size: 610mm(dia.)

  • Time Tracker

    Through colourful lights and unique sounds the Time Tracker helps students visualise and hear exactly how much time remains. Use the auto set function, or easily program the sections along with six sound effects to indicate time is running out. 180° viewing ensures everyone can see. • Ideal…

  • Prejudice & Difference Poster Set

    Set of posters about prejudice in society and showing how everybody's different.• Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 841mm(h)• Set of 2

  • Podium Health and Lifestyle Game

    A unique health and lifestyle game which promotes healthy eating and exercise. Podium is a tactile, fun yet strategic game with an innovative activity centre. Age: 8 years+.• 2-6 players

  • Multicultural Lanterns

    A fun and innovative way of introducing children to a selection of festivals from different religions and cultures around the world. A rewarding activity combining colouring, cutting and weaving with a range of decorative media to embellish these spectacular lantern characters.• Ideal for…

  • Feelings and Emotions Cards

    These cards have a photographic image on one side and activities for enquiry in class, group/talk-partner discussion or circle time on the reverse. Story starters on the reverse will encourage thinking and development in key social and emotional aspects of learning. The themes cover a diverse range…

  • Healthy Living Activity Set

    This activity set engages students in fun, thought-provoking activities that encourage co-operation and collaboration. The set covers topics such as the human body, nutrition, teeth, effects of smoking, danger of drugs and alcohol, exercise and much more. Comprehensive teacher and student notes are…

  • Thinking Skills - PSHE & Citizenship Activities Book

    Developed to support the PSHE and Citizenship framework as well as develop thinking skills, this innovative resource contains a variety of photocopiable games and activities on many challenging topics ranging from bullying and racism to road safety. Ideal for individuals, pairs, small groups or the…

  • Nutrition Poster

    Nutrition poster including facts on a healthy balanced diet.• Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 840mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Multicultural Bolder Borders

    The perfect finish to any culturally diverse display, these border packs contain 11 x 1m long strips.• Pack of 4: People of the World, Respect, World Welcome and Trend Kids• Total of 44 strips per pack

  • Sex and Consequences Game

    An innovative way to learn about the possible consequences of sex, encouraging players to think about their actions. Players are rewarded for knowing facts about STIs, pregnancy and sexual activity while also being faced with possible situations and decisions concerning sex. Age: 12 -…

  • Anatomix Game

    Anatomix is a fun way to build a body on a playing board, choosing from the skeleton, nerves, muscles and organs - the objective is to be the first to complete a body. For younger players simply flick the spinner and take or trade body bits. For older players a multiple-choice question needs to be…

  • Cross Section Human Heart Model

    This human heart model separates to create a cross-section view for hands-on classroom demonstrations. The areas of the heart are labelled on the inside to show the parts of the heart. • Includes activity guide • Size: 130mm(dia.)

  • Digestive System Walk-Through Mat

    This mat enables students to walk the path of the human digestive system, a perfect review and quiz tool for Key Stage 2 and 3 students.• Includes storage bag and teachers guide • Size: 1270mm(w) x 1524mm(l)

  • Health Risk Poster Set

    Three detailed and colourful posters outlining the health risks involved in smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise and alcohol abuse.• Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 840mm(h)• Set of 3

  • Think Positively Poster Set

    Set of essential teaching posters guaranteed to get children and teachers thinking positively.• Size: 340mm(w) x 480mm(h)• Set of 6

  • Bullying Poster Set

    Set of 3 posters about bullying.Contains:• Bullying; The Facts Poster• Bullying; The Myths Poster• Don't Be A Victim Poster• Size: A1 - 594mm(w) x 841mm(h)

  • Clever Catch Tobacco Prevention Ball

    A fun and engaging way for students to learn about the harmful effects of smoking. The student has to answer the question under their left thumb when the ball is caught. A fun way to practice and learn!• Size: 610mm(dia.)

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