• Protractors

    • Plastic with bevelled edges

  • Angle Measure

    • Circular 360 degree protractor with unique rotating device to provide extra help when measuring angles• 100mm diameter with indicator arrow• Pack of 25

  • Protractors

    Suitable for use in secondary schools.• Plastic with bevelled edges• Pack of 50

  • Board Protractor

    • 45cm (18”) long, with handle• Marked from 0 to 180° in single degree graduations

  • Value Exam Kit

    An exam-ready case of mathematical tools supplied ready for distribution or exam use, in a transparent, exam-approved pencil case.• Contains: A compass, pencil, sharpener, eraser, 180° protractor and 30cm ruler

  • Oxford Exam Set

    This set comes in a clear PVC pencil case, ideal for exam use.• Contains: 2 black ballpoint pens, pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener with an anti-tamper screw, and a combined protractor/set square

  • Cambridge Maths Set

    …of subjects including Maths, Geometry, and Trigonometry which come neatly stored in a stylish metal tin.• Contains: 15cm ruler, 180° protractor, 45° and 60° set squares, dividers, self-centring compass with safety point, half size compass pencil, pencil sharpener with anti-tamper…

  • Board Equipment Box Set

    A complete set of folding board equipment suitable for blackboard or whiteboard use.• Set includes 60° set square, metric/imperial rule, 45° set square and protractor combined and compass• Supplied in a sturdy carry/storage case

  • GeoStix®

    A set of eight different length flexible sticks that snap together at multiple different angles to allow students to explore plane geometry. The set is an ideal hands on manipulative for students to investigate shape.Includes:• 80 flexible sticks• Two 100mm protractors

  • The Consortium Pencils

    A great range of general use HB pencils without eraser tips.• HB pencils in blue polished cases• Available in boxes of 12, 144, 500 and in a Gratnells tray for the 1500

  • AngLegs®

    …a variety of hands-on maths activities to teach Perimeter, Area, Centre Points, Measure shapes by attaching them to the transparent protractor.• Pieces are colour-coded based on their lengths• Contains six different lengths from 55mm - 140mm• Set includes 48 AngLegs and one protractor

  • Geostrips

    …form a wide variety of geometric figures. Shows the relationship between rhombus and square, oblong and parallelogram. • Use to investigate triangles, areas and perimeters• 68 strips ranging from 75mm to 300mm in length • Protractor with centre hole• 1 box of 100 brass fasteners

  • Circle Template

    Transparent stencil for drawing perfect circles up to 36mm in diameter in 1mm increments. The stencil also features a 230mm ruler and a circular protractor graded in 5° increments.• Includes 36 metric circles, ruler, protractor and arc-drawing guide

  • Matrix Maths Set

    …Maths Set featuring a stylish oval case with pearlescent indigo blue base.• Contains: self-centring geared head metal compass with safety point, 30cm folding ruler, eraser, one-hole plastic sharpener featuring anti-tamper screw, 2 set squares, protractor, 17.5cm and half size compass pencils

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