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  • Wall Mounted Screen

    Great value range of manual projection screens suitable for most classrooms.

  • Tripod Screen

    …free-standing projection screen housed in a steel case, mounted on a tripod stand. These screens can be quickly assembled or folded away, making them ideal for busy classrooms. • All-in-one unit for simple storage and assembly• Matte white wipe clean surface• Black border to enhance projected

  • Nobo Wall Mounted Projection Screens

    page273 High quality wall mounted projection screens available in a range of sizes.• Brilliant matte white surface which produces a sharp, detailed image• Black border to enhance projected image• Fully retractable screen • Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting• Available in a range of sizes

  • Portable Floor Screens

    A projection screen housed in a compact lightweight aluminium case. This free-standing unit can be quickly assembled and features a smooth opening and closing mechanism.

  • Nobo Standing Projection Screens

    …classrooms and meeting rooms where a screen cannot be attached to the wall.• Brilliant matte white projection screen• Lightweight aluminium carry case• Pressurised air system for maximum stability • Easy to set up and store away• Black border to enhance projected image• Available as either a…

  • Nobo Tripod Mounted Projection Screens

    page273 A range of high quality flexible tripod projection screens.• Brilliant matte white surface• Black border to enhance projected image• Fully retractable screen • Features an overhead arm to tilt the screen• Available in a range of sizes

  • Genee Classcreen Interactive Panel

    …Genee Classcreen is a small interactive touch LCD monitor that is connected to a computer which is then projected onto a larger surface such as an Interactive Whiteboard or projection screen. What is shown on the larger surface is controlled by what is on the Classcreen via the stylus pen that acts…

  • Black & White Role Play Screens

    …clean. The screens are foam filled and are fire retardant.Screen Sets:• Screen sets comprise of 3 full screens, a door screen with entrance flap, a roof and a free 1.2m square padded floor mat• Select from 1.2m or 1.8m high screens• Each 1.2m high screen weighs 2kg and each 1.8m high screens weighs…

  • White Cotton Circles and Squares

    Perfect for fabric design, fabric painting, screen printing and many decoration projects.

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