Pom Poms

  • Bumper Pom Poms Pack

    page480 This bumper pack of over 1,000 pom poms offers a wide variety of colours and sizes and is ideal for collage and craft activities. • 450g pack (1000 approx.)

  • Craft Pom Poms

    page480 Ideal for collage and model making.• Sizes: 25mm, 12mm and 6mm dia.• Assorted colours• 85g pack (200 approx.)

  • Pom Poms

    page737 page1147 These coloured pom poms with plastic finger-rings will prove extremely popular with children of all ages. Perfect for dance and movement activities.• Assorted colours• Available in 2 sizes• Pack of 4

  • Yellow Pom Poms

    Soft yellow pom poms in assorted sizes for colourful spring collage and crafts.• Pack of 100

  • Glitter Pom Poms

    page480 Glitter pom poms are ideal for adding sparkle to collages and creations.• Assorted colours and sizes• Pack of 100

  • Black Pom Poms

    Soft black pom poms in assorted sizes. Ideal for collage, crafts and making spiders!• Pack of 100

  • Woolly Pom Poms

    page480 These bright colour woolly pom poms are ideal for colourful collage and crafts.• Size: 25mm(dia.) approx.• Assorted pack of 100

  • First-Play® Cheerleader Pack

    …equipment to get a group of 24 participants cheering. The pack will encourage visual expression and develop creative movement whilst increasing fitness levels through fun play.Contains:• 12 x cheerleader flags • 12 x cheerleader pom poms• 12 x cheerleader wands• 1 x carry bag

  • Festive Tinsel Pom-Poms

    A bumper pack of glitter pom-poms in three festive shades.

  • Pom Pom Classroom Pack

    These super assortment of brightly coloured pom poms gives you 700 pieces for 700 times the fun! Enjoy a variety of bright colours and sizes to create a multitude of crafting projects.

  • Rainbow Pom Pom Cards

    Reusable pom pom cards cut from a range of vibrant colours to add extra interest and appeal to this favourite craft activity.

  • Multicultural Colour Pom Poms and Pipe Cleaners

    page480 Ideal for collage and model making.• Stems size: 4mm(dia.) x 12mm(l), Poms size: 7mm, 12mm, 18mm, 25mm and 38mm dia.• Assorted colours• Pack of 100 stems and 50 pom poms

  • Festive Pom Poms

    page480 Wonderful for decorating project work or making models and creatures.• Red, green and white• Assorted sizes• Pack of 100

  • Kit for Purpose Rhythm and Dance Pack

    page737 page1130 A great value pack of dance accessories to enable children to creatively express themselves with rhythm and dance.Contains:• 4 x tap sticks• 8 x pom poms• 6 x ribbon sticks• 6 x dance scarves• 6 x red hoops• 6 x wrist bells• 6 x bangle ribbons

  • Collage Craft Compendium

    page473 A superb collection of collage materials in a handy Gratnells tray.• Contains: jewels, beads, coloured and plain matchsticks, coloured craft sticks, pom-poms 25mm dia., wiggly eyes 10mm dia., assorted corrugated shapes, assorted foam shapes, glitter, ribbons, polystyrene shapes,…

  • Pom Pom Blocks

    Hollow Blocks filled with Sparkle Pom Poms. Made with Hard wearing Rubber wood, and sealed with unbreakable perspex for beautiful smooth finish. These beautiful pom pom blocks will bring excitement to any classroom. Age: 3 years+.

  • Paper Maché Christmas Tree

    Bring this Christmas tree to life using paint or tissue paper for its green needles adding some sparkly pom poms as a finishing touch.

  • Ornaments

    A 3-D collage project! Brush the insides of these ornaments with glue and sprinkle with coloured rice, coloured sand or glitter. The hanging decorations can also be filled with pom poms, shells, tissue or feathers.

  • Autumn and Halloween Craft Compendium

    page471 A great craft pack to cater for Autumn and Halloween based activities.Pack contains:• Sequins, black pom poms and craft stems for spider making, wiggly eyes, red, orange and black tissue paper, selection of construction paper, feathers in autumnal colours, autumn leaves bordette,…

  • Dance and Movement Pack

    A specially selected pack of equipment that will add both visual effects and sound to dance and movement activities. Set consists of: • 8 pom poms, 6 dance rings, 3 tap sticks (pairs), 6 dance scarves, 6 dance wands, 6 wrist jingle bracelets, 6 ankle jingle bracelets• Drawstring storage…

  • First-Play® Dance Movement Set

    A specially selected pack of equipment that will add both visual effects and sound to dance and movement activities. Contains:• 8 x pom poms• 6 x dance rings• 3 x tap sticks (pairs)• 6 x dance scarves• 6 x dance wands• 1 x drawstring storage bag

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