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  • Collapsible Storage Container Offer

    ONLY £3.99 each!Buy this pack of 15 storage containers and save over 25%• Made from recycled plastic• Size: 470mm(w) x 342mm(d) x 234mm(h)• Capacity: 32 litre

  • Rectangular Food Storage Container

    This plastic food storage container has a clean, fresh, hygienic design. It can withstand temperatures between -20°C and +110°C.• Capacity: 2 litres• Clear base with a white lid• Moulded to stack securely on top of one another• Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe•…

  • Gratnells Tray Label Holders

    A self-adhesive label holder which allows you to change the label on the front of your trays whenever you need to. For use with any Gratnells tray.

  • Classmaster™ Storage Tub

    A screw top storage tub ideal for storing pens, erasers or collage materials. • Clear plastic tub with screw top lid with carry handle• Ideal for classroom storage• Size: 170mm(w) x 100mm(d) x 170mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Tilt Bins

    …access easily. Manufactured from strengthened tubular plastic, these units are supplied flat packed for quick and easy assembly. The storage systems are supplied with a selection of colourful storage bins each with a clear plastic lid.• Supplied with colourful bins each with a clear plastic lid

  • 10 Bin Organiser

    • Includes 2 double sized and 8 regular bins• Rack size: 980mm(w) x 370mm(d) x 680mm(h)• Small tray size: 200mm(w) x 300mm(d) x 130mm(h)• Large tray size: 415mm(w) x 300mm(d) x 130mm(h)• Sold as a complete unit, plastic containers are not available to purchase separately.

  • Clear 30cm Folding Rulers

    • Snap fit hinge for compact storage• Perfect for storing in a pencil case• Marked in mm, cm and inches• Plastic• Pack of 10

  • Play Boat

    All on board for the next great adventure! Facilitate imaginative play, personal, social and emotional development with this attractive play boat. Play boat comes with a mast which can be personalised to the school/community group in which it is placed. The sail can include the logo and name of the…

  • Play Train

    Jump in your next adventure with this entertaining train! Great to encourage role play and imagination development.All units except the train carriage SEN (special educational needs) are delivered fully assembled.• Available in 2 colours only: brown and black• Size of train engine: 1200mm(w) x…

  • Storage Trolley

    A multipurpose storage trolley supplied complete with 4 large removable coloured plastic storage boxes and integral pole storage.• Complete with castors• Size: 105cm(l) x 58cm(w) x 104cm(h)

  • Carry Craft Storage Pots

    Versatile set of ten plastic storage pots, in two colours.

  • Storage Bags

    Storage bags for use with anything from books and toys to placing some items inside for discovery. Place a label in the clear plastic pocket so teachers and children know what's inside. Cotton drawstring bag.• Small bag size: 390mm(w) x 390mm(h)• Large bag size: 450mm(w) x 680mm(h)•…

  • Outdoors Tidy Tote Storage

    The tidy tote storage unit is perfect for outdoor use. Complete with 6 plastic storage tubs and heavy duty castors which make it easy to transport from indoors to outdoors. The trays can either be displayed flat or inclined for easier access.• Supplied fully assembled• Contents not included•…

  • Outdoors Low Divider Storage

    …purposes or encouraging children to look through the ‘window’ and discuss what they see.• Supplied fully assembled• Contents not included• Supplied with 3 plastic storage tubs• Waterproof shower cover included• Store in dry conditions when not in use• Size: 900mm(w) x 400mm(d) x 835mm(h)

  • 15 Tilt Bin Storage

    • Size: 1372mm(w) x 381mm(d) x 838mm(h)• Sold as a complete unit, plastic containers are not available to purchase separately.

  • 9 Tilt Bin Storage

    • Size: 838mm(w) x 381mm(d) x 838m(h)• Sold as a complete unit, plastic containers are not available to purchase separately.

  • Giant Mobile Storage Basket

    …coated with a tough impact resistant plastic finish and fitted with four castors for easy movement. This trolley is ideal for storing your PE and swimming equipment. • Supplied flat packed, this item is easy to assemble using the click on plastic connectors and following the simple instruction…

  • Cereal Storage Containers

    These store and pour dry food plastic containers are great for storing rice, lentils, flour, cereal, pasta and much more. • Available in 2 different capacities• Clear base with a white lid• Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe• Sold singly

  • 18 Cubby Mobile Storage

    …and are removable making them ideal and easily accessible for children. Complete with strong lockable castors. Each pack includes 18 colourful storage bins.• Dimensions: 965mm(w) x 584mm(d) x 914mm(h)• Sold as a complete unit, plastic containers are not available to purchase separately.

  • Outdoors Tall Divider Storage

    storage tubs. Handles and heavy duty castors make it easy to transport the unit from indoors to outdoors. The unit has a double sided felt panel, which is perfect for display purposes.• Supplied fully assembled• Contents not included• Double sided display panel• Supplied with 6 deep clear plastic

  • Outdoor Art Storage Trolley

    Designed especially for the outdoor classroom! A robust trolley ideal for outdoor art activities. Help children work creatively on a giant scale with freedom and movement using a wide variety of mark making and painting equipment.• Blue• Made from plastic coated metal• H150 x W122 x D41cm

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