• Waterproof Plasters

    • Protects cuts and wounds from coming into contact with water• Available in various sizes and pack sizes• Latex free• Hypoallergenic

  • Stretch Fabric Plasters

    • Highly conformable and breathable for general use• Available in various sizes and pack sizes• Latex free• Hypoallergenic

  • Waterproof Adhesive Dressing Strip

    Non-sterile adhesive dressing strip.• Size: 75mm(w) x 1m• Cut to length

  • The Consortium Plaster of Paris

    Fine casting plaster for general castings and modelling work.

  • Childrens Plasters

    These colourful waterproof plasters have a cheery hand print design. Each plaster is individually wrapped with easy to apply strips.• Painless removal • Latex free• Assorted pack of 3 sizes: 63mm x 20mm, 38mm x 38mm and 38mm x 20mm• Pack of 100• Hypoallergenic

  • Clear Waterproof Plasters

    • Protects cuts and wounds from coming into contact with water• Available in various sizes and pack sizes• Latex free• Hypoallergenic

  • Wound Closure Strips

    Adhesive strips to allow quick and effective closure of light wounds.• Disposable and single use item• Latex free• Pack of 5• Size: 3mm(w) x 75mm(l)

  • Blue Detectable Plasters

    • Highly visible for use in food preparation and healthcare environments• Available in various sizes and pack sizes• Latex free• Hypoallergenic

  • Liquid Latex

    Make reusable moulds from a wide variety of objects. It can be used on plaster, clay, wood, metals, etc. Simply brush on, or dip the master into the latex. Latex should dry within 20 minutes and may be removed from masters after approximately 3 hours. Latex always works best on porous surface as…

  • Microporous Tape

    Microporous tape is non-woven, hypoallergenic and easy tear for quick application. For general first aid use.• Low allergenic adhesive • Size: 25mm x 10m • Sold singly or in a box of 6 or box of 12

  • Mod Roc

    Cotton gauze impregnated with Plaster of Paris, ideal for creating 3D models by application to an inflexible frame. Cut the gauze into manageable lengths, and soak for a few seconds. Allow excess water to drain away, and apply to the frame. The plaster can be worked for around 5 minutes, by hand or…

  • Children's First Aid Kit

    …sized kit is ideal for trips out and has all the essential items just in case you have any little accidents. The kit consists of fun children’s plasters, eyewash, burn relieving gel and much, much more. The small compact pouch comes with a carry handle and is ideal to be kept in a travel bag.•…

  • BSI Compliant Travel First Aid Kit

    …needed for those day trip incidents.• Kit contains: 1 x Contents list, 1 x First aid guidance leaflet, 20 x Sterile assorted waterproof plasters, 1 x Sterile eye pad with bandage attached, 1 x Triangular bandage, 1 x Sterile medium wound dressing 12cm x 12cm, 1 x Sterile large wound dressing…

  • BSI Primary School First Aid Kit

    …plus additional supplies for primary schools. Content designed to deal with common injuries for 6-12 year olds.• Extra contents include: Children's plasters, forehead thermometer and eyewash pods• Supplied in soft case• Compliant with BSI small kit requirements (see page 1925)

  • BSI Compliant First Aid Kit in Bum Bag

    …Kit contains: 1 x 120mm x 120mm Dressing, 1 x 180mm x 180mm Dressing, 1 x Triangular bandage, 6 x Safety pins, 1 x Eye dressing, 20 x Washproof plasters, 4 x Sterile wipes, 1 x Microporous tape, 1 x Nitrile gloves (pair), 1 x Face shield, 1 x Foil blanket, 1 x 100mm x 100mm Burns dressing, 1 x…

  • Blue Detectable Tape

    Highly visible, low stretch tape. • Hypoallergenic adhesive• Waterproof• Size: 25mm x 5m• Sold singly

  • Micro Burns and Scalds Kit

    This kit contains essential first aid items in a compact size.• Kit contains: 12 x washproof plasters, 4 x alcohol free wipes, 2 x burn/wound lint pads, 2 x non-adherent dressings, 2 x burn gels• Box size: 95mm(w) x 129mm(h)

  • Brick Layer Set

    This brightly coloured Bricklayer Set includes a brick shaper, a builders and plastering trowel. Use the brick shaper to construct bricks out of sand and build a wall. When the wall's been built, it'll need plastering and then knocking down to start all over again! Age: 3 years+.

  • Micro Travel First Aid Kit

    …areas where accessibility to main first aid kits is difficult.• Kit contains: 8 x Pull and Easy apply washproof plasters (72mm x 25mm), 2 x Pull and Easy apply washproof plasters (72mm x 50mm), 1 x Burn blot, 1 x Burn/Wound lint pad, 1 x Saline mini Pod, 2 x Alcohol free wipes • Approx kit…

  • Permapaque Pens

    For use on many different surfaces, especially paper, cardboard, wood, plaster, glass and metal. Permapaque produces fantastic results and is ready for use immediately, so there is no need to pump and/or shake before use.

  • Burns First Aid Kit

    …environments.• Kit contains: 2 x burn dressing 10cm x 10cm, 2 x burn dressing 2.5cm x 5cm, 6 x burn gel, 3.5g sachets, 3 x burns plasters- large, 2 x burns plasters- small, 1 x conforming bandage 5cm x 4cm, 1 x conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4cm, 2 x 20ml eye washpods, 1 x foil blanket, 1 x gloves…

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