• Little People – Sensory Play Set

    These charming little people have been designed to invite play but leave the details as wide open as the children’s imaginations. Characters can be anybody from anywhere and they might be feeling sad, happy, furious, shy, jealous... Made from a unique stone mix, they are wonderfully tactile and…

  • Families and Friends Wooden Character Set

    Create your own community with this bumper set of wooden figures. Featuring a variety of ages and cultures, and including people with disabilities, this inclusive collection enables children to recreate and explore endless real life situations and develop an understanding of the world around them.…

  • Block People Complete Set

    Introduce children to the multicultural block play people family. The high quality vinyl figures feature up to date styling and authentic details. The play people are free standing with extra large feet for frustration free play. Age: 3+ years.• Guaranteed for 10 years• Size: Tallest…

  • Fantasy World Wooden Characters Set

    With a combination of fantastical characters and intriguing objects, this set of 25 wooden characters is guaranteed to inspire. The iconic characters are common to many fairy tales, myths and legends - allowing for endless storytelling possibilities. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 40mm-110mm• Set…

  • SiliShapes® Linking People

    Made from soft silicone these realistic linking people are each made of a different transparent colour, that can be linked by their hands. An excellent resource for storytelling, language development, mathematical sorting, pattern making and colour mixing. Age: 3 years+.

  • People Trimmer Pack

    • 4 assorted designs- upper and lower case letters and numbers• 12 x 900mm(l) strips of each design

  • Wooden People Of The World

    Help children develop their knowledge and understanding of a variety of cultures with this brightly coloured set of people from around the world. The characters are dressed in traditional clothing. Each figure is made from tropical hardwood and is hand painted. Age: 3 years+.• Doll height:…

  • People Cones

    Spun paper pieces to decorate. Ideal for making finger puppets and festive decorations. • Sizes: 10 x 50mm(h), 10 x 70mm(h) and 10 x 90mm(h)• Pack of 30

  • Craft Sticks

    These craft sticks are a great craft activity - just decorate using paint, glitter, glue and sequins. Available in people and faces shapes.

  • Mini People Foam Sponges

    • Assorted colours in each pack (colours may vary) • Each figure approx 80mm-110mm tall and 25mm thick• Pack of 8

  • Multicultural People Masks

    Ideal for children to create their own interpretation of the mask. They can be easily decorated with a variety of materials.• Pre-moulded PVC • Size: 185mm x 150mm• Two of each colour, 5 colours in the assorted pack• Pack of 10

  • Nursery Rhyme Character Set

    High quality and extremely tactile, these wooden nursery rhyme character sets enable children to retell their favourite rhymes and create exciting new tales of their own. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 40mm-125mm• Set of 26

  • LEGO® DUPLO® Community People Set

    Use the Community People Set to introduce preschoolers to different people and occupations. With 20 unique LEGO® DUPLO® figures, children will explore important topics, such as gender, age, relationships and the unique roles and responsibilities of people in the community. The set has a wheelchair…

  • LEGO® DUPLO® World People Set

    The World People Set is a powerful tool which encourages discussions about respecting similarities and differences among people. The set invites children to role play with four different families and opens their minds to exploring cultures, gender, age and family relationships. Age: 2 years+.

  • Breakout Seating

    …furniture or can be made into a feature breakout area with other co-ordinated items from the Breakout Seating Range. The Small ellipse can seat 2 people. The Small Ellipse is perfect for both key stages 3 and 4 but can also be used with key stage 2 children. The Large Ellipse Breakout Seat can seat…

  • Emotions Puzzles

    This set of emotions tray puzzles clearly illustrate the different facial expressions depicting different feelings. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 210mm x 290mm• Set of 6

  • People Puzzles

    Hand cut wooden puzzles on the inclusive themes of people of different ages, abilities and ethnicities. Guaranteed to prompt awareness and discussion on these topics. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 150mm x 100mm• Set of 24, with 3 pieces each

  • People Sponges

    This is a great set of people related shapes to help young minds create people scenes through their sponge painting.The shapes include trousers, skirts, shoes, boots, socks, handbags, hats, shorts, hands and faces. Lovely for children's collage and card making too! • Pack of 23

  • Significant People Desk Mats

    This set of desk mats is an ideal way to encourage discussions about significant people in history, including from the 20th Century. It allows comparisons between monarchs, explorers, equal rights campaigners, nurses, scientists and politicians.

  • Wooden People with Disabilities

    Ideal for helping children to develop their knowledge and understanding through discussion of differing abilities across a range of ages and cultures. The detailed figures will help children appreciate and understand each disability. Hand painted set made from tropical hardwood. Age: 3 years+.•…

  • People At Work Graphics

    Our ‘People at Work’ graphics, are great for encouraging creative and imaginative play. Perfect for the playground or classroom, these graphics help children to identify different people/occupations and the role they have in society.• Sold singly

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