Pegs For Peg Boards

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  • Pegboard Pack

    Ideal for hand/eye co-ordination, pattern making, sequencing and sorting. Age: 4 years+.

  • Numicon Coloured Pegs

    Red, yellow, green and blue pegs for use with Numicon Base Boards when building towers with Numicon Shapes. Or use the pegs independently to build, repeat and continue patterns. Age: 3 years+.• Pack of 80

  • Numicon Base Boards

    These 100 square base boards will prove useful in many activities; they can be covered in Numicon shapes, used with overlays, used as a base for building towers of number bonds or for making patterns with pegs. Age: 3 years+.

  • Geometric Sorting Board

    The cheerful blocks are perfect for helping children to develop their first counting skills as they sort and stack different shapes onto the right wooden pegs. Perfect for developing dexterity and co-ordination. Age: 2 years+.

  • Catch the Worm

    …worm! Each set of pincers is different, so not all of the pincers can catch all of the worms. This game is ideal for building hand/eye co-ordination and recognition of shape and size. Age: 5 years+. • 4 boards each with 8 worm pegs in 4 colours• 4 pincers• Magnetic board • 1 die

  • Numicon Breaking the Barriers Group Apparatus Kit

    …specifically for pupils who are experiencing greater difficulty learning mathematics than the majority of their peers, enabling them to develop essential number understanding.Kit contains:• 160 x Numicon shapes• 160 x Numicon pegs• 6 x Numicon base boards• 12 x Numicon base board

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