Paper Mache

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  • decopatch® Paper Maché Frames

    page503 Hanging picture frames with a heart or square shaped aperture. An ideal individual creative project, perfect for that Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or festive take home gift.• Size: 85mm x 85mm• Packs of 10

  • Cellulose Paste Powder Adhesive

    • A good quality cellulose adhesive that mixes with water to form a paste• Particularly suitable for covering large areas of paper• The ideal medium for papier mache and paper lamination activities• 10 x 80g bags (approx)

  • Craft Boxes

    This pack of plain boxes in six different shapes is ideal for painting, découpage, paper mosaic, collage and more.

  • decopatch® Farm Animals

    Each decopatch® animal is made from strong solid maché making them robust and stable. The kit contains 5 of different farm animal designs.

  • decopatch® Paper Maché Bird Houses

    …understand British birdlife and a sure sign of spring time. The generous size and striking design will look great when decorated in virtually any paper. Each bird house has a cord for hanging once completed. • Size: 105mm(w) x 112mm(d) x 95mm(h) and 120mm(dia.) x 120mm(h) approx.• Pack of…

  • decopatch® Building Bricks

    page502 Each decopatch® brick is made from strong solid maché making them robust and stable. This fun pack includes six individual building bricks that can be decorated and used to build towers, walls or structures. The lightweight building blocks are ideal to aid understanding of shapes and develop…

  • Paper Mache Baskets

    page489 These baskets are ideal for painting and many decorating techniques including, collage, paper mosaic, decoupage etc. A great resource for Easter, Christmas and Mother's Day.• Size: 100mm(w) x 100mm(d) x 100mm(h) approx.• Pack of 6 - 3 oval and 3 rectangular

  • Paper Maché Roe Deer

    page501 This paper mache roe deer is ideal for decorating and bringing your festive displays to life.• Size: 225mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Paper Maché Stars

    page501 These paper mache stars are ideal to be decorated with metallic paint bringing any nativity scene or play to life.• Height: 110mm, 130mm and 180mm• 6 pieces

  • Paper Maché Cones

    page501 An assortment of paper mache cones, ideal for creating festive decorations such as Christmas trees and Angels.• Size: ranges from 40mm(h) to 200mm(h)• Pack of 50 assorted sizes

  • Paper Maché Christmas Tree

    page501 Bring this Christmas tree to life using paint or tissue paper for its green needles adding some sparkly pom poms as a finishing touch.• Size: 305mm(h) x 150mm(dia.)• Sold singly

  • Paper Maché Christmas Ornaments

    page501 This classpack of Christmas ornaments is ideal for the whole class to decorate and take home.• Includes string for hanging• Contains 4 different designs• Size: ranges from 70mm(h) to 80mm(h)• Pack of 80

  • Paper Maché Hollow Christmas Ornaments

    page501 This bumper box of hanging ornaments can be decorated using glitter and sequins to add some sparkle to your classroom Christmas display. • Includes string for hanging• Contains 4 different designs• Size: 120mm(dia.) approx.• Pack of 60

  • decopatch® Christmas Decorations Classpacks

    page502 Each of these festive decopatch® designs is made from strong solid maché making them robust as well as stable, and is supplied with a convenient hanging cord. Ideal as an individual craft project to decorate in class and take home in time to adorn the family tree.• Size bauble: 65mm…

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