• A4 Coloured Overlays

    Full sized coloured overlays are a great alternative to reading rulers, freeing up both hands for writing or typing.• A4• Assorted colours• Pack of 10

  • Visual Stress Assessment Pack

    …pack provides anyone involved in detailed assessment of the colour overlay needs of children with a full set of information and assessment tools, presented in a clear, easy to follow format.• Two sets of 10 (A5) overlays • Testing Pages in two font styles and eight font sizes•…

  • Highlight Strips

    Bright, see-through strips help with tracking and comprehension. Suitable for Age 4 years+• Includes: 10 yellow, 10 blue, 10 pink strips • Size: 35mm x 180mm

  • Cray-Pas Junior Artist Oil Pastels

    …squished. This makes it the perfect pastel for a young user developing their artistic skills. They are ideal for mixing colours and colour overlaying. It is even possible to imitate the effect of oil paint.• Bright and intense assorted colours• Various techniques can be used including…

  • Numicon Picture Base Board Overlays

    6 double-sided overlays give opportunities for matching, ordering and pattern making.

  • Central Hockey Stick Pack

    The super value Central hockey stick is manufactured with a laminated ply head and graphite mesh overlays for additional durability. A bowed face improves high speed flicks and encourages close control. Finished with a padded, perforated PU leather comfort grip.

  • Numicon Firm Foundations One-to-One Apparatus Pack

    …• 1 x 100 Square Baseboard Firm Foundations • 1 x Feely Bag • 1 x Large Format Table Top Number Line • 80 x Coloured Pegs • 80 x Numicon Shapes • 1 x Number Bond Baseboard Overlays • 1 x Picture Baseboard Overlays • 1 x Spinners • 1 x Small Set of Number Rods • 1 x Number Rod Trays 1-10 and 20

  • Numicon Firm Foundations Starter Apparatus Pack

    …Square Baseboard • 3 x Magnetic Strips • 1 x Feely Bag • 1 x Display Number Line • 80 x Numicon Shapes • 1 x Number Bond Baseboard Overlay• 1 x Picture Baseboard Overlays 1 x Spinners • 1 x Large Set Number Rods • 1 x Large Format Table Top Number Line • 1 x 0-41 Number Rod Number Line • 1 x Number…

  • Weaving Pictures

    Transform a simple weaving project into a fantastic 3D picture in seconds simply by overlaying these pre-cut frames on top. Then use the cutout piece to create masks for role play drama or creative art work.

  • PVC Door Strips

    …simple, robust doors are ideal for preventing heat loss and children will love them! The rainbow door is particularly appealing in schools as the overlaying colour strips demonstrate colour mixing in action as well as adding a splash of colour to any classroom or corridor. The blackout door is ideal…

  • Numicon Base Boards

    These 100 square base boards will prove useful in many activities; they can be covered in Numicon shapes, used with overlays, used as a base for building towers of number bonds or for making patterns with pegs. Age: 3 years+.

  • Numicon Breaking the Barriers Group Apparatus Kit

    …understanding.Kit contains:• 160 x Numicon shapes• 160 x Numicon pegs• 6 x Numicon base boards• 12 x Numicon base board overlays• 3 x Numicon feely bags• 6 x Numicon spinners• 6 x Numicon 10 shapes• Extra Numicon 1 shapes• Numicon dice• Numicon 0-100…

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