Number Cards

  • 0-30 Playing Cards

    These cards are numbered 0 to 30.

  • Digit Playing Cards

    Number cards 0 to 10 with patterned backs.• Size: 58mm x 87mm• 10 sets of 0 to 10 cards

  • BrainBox Maths Pack Years 1 and 2

    …contains 120 cards, colour coded by topic so that the teacher can easily recognise and select the appropriate set of cards. Covering topics including numbers up to 20, addition, subtraction and geometry, this will be a great resource for every school.• Contents: 120 BrainBox cards, 1 x 30…

  • 0-100 Playing Cards

    This pack of playing cards is numbered from 0-100 and is ideal for number recognition.

  • A6 Number Cue Cards

    A versatile set of 10 cue cards illustrating the numbers 1-10 with colourful pictures. Laminated with round corners.• Size: A6, 105mm x 148mm• Set of 10

  • Counting & Place Value Pocket Chart

    Teach counting, sorting, place value and grouping with this durable chart. • Includes: 20 double-sided number cards, 3 double-sided title cards, 200 blue plastic counting straws and pockets to store• Chart measures: 330mm(w) x 460mm(h)

  • My First Number Snap

    …children will love using this deck of cards to learn about numbers. The cards let you play two favourite games, Snap and Pairs using early-years number concepts. Two fun games in one that help children learn fundamental maths concepts. The cards show the number, the word and pictures in different…

  • Laminated Number Cards

    Laminated cards printed 1-100 on one side and plain grid printed on the other. • Size: 280mm x 270mm • Pack of 10

  • Counting Ladybugs and Number Cards

    …Ladybug Early Number Cards to encourage children to explore early maths skills. Activities include counting forwards and backwards on leaf number lines and around the petals of a flower, and finding suitable ladybug homes in the forest and log pile. Made from durable plastic the cards are tough…

  • A5 Number Cards

    This durable pack of plastic cards make learning numbers fun. Illustrated with easy to understand illustrations each card shows numbers, words, and illustrations from numbers 1-20.• Each card - 150mm(w) x 210mm(h)

  • Large Graphic Playing Cards

    Even if your residents' sight isn't quite what it used to be, they can still enjoy a good game of Whist, Rummy or any other card game for that matter with these large, easy-to-read playing cards.

  • Numbers and Patterns Chute Cards

    …object or number from the patterns on the front of the cards. Progress from visual patterns to counting forwards and backwards on number tracks to 20. Improve and teach early counting skills, pattern sequencing and recognition.• Supports Numbers and Patterns• 55 x Smart Chute Cards, 88mm x…

  • Jolly Phonics Cards

    cards. Dots under each sounds help children to blend the sounds into words.•Set 3 contains 80 alternative word blending cards with the alternative spelling of vowels. Dots under each sound remind children that two letters can make one sound.•Set 4 contains 72 tricky word cards. Numbered in…

  • A6 Double Sided Roman Numeral Cards

    A superbly simple resource for teaching Roman Numerals. One side features a Roman Numeral, the reverse shows the equivalent modern number.

  • Suffixes and Spelling Rules Flash Cards

    …applying their spelling rules. Flash cards are filed by suffix with base words on one side, and the completed word on the other. Related spelling rules are cleverly colour-coded on one side for quick reference and all cards are indexed by number. Flash cards are also colour-coded by parts of speech,…

  • Number Bingo!

    …of numbers. Each board depicts a number of everyday items for children to match with the numerical cards. Age: 3 years+.• The game contains 6 playing boards (210mm x 280mm) with 36 matching cards so that up to 7 players can join in the fun (one as a caller)• The game covers numbers one…

  • All About Me Family Counters Activity Cards

    …their patterning and sorting skills while building colour recognition and basic arithmetic skills. Cards promote independent learning as they can be used alone, or with an adult's help. Ages 3+.Includes:• Number line featuring numbers 1-20• Activity guide• Cards measure 290mm(l) x 110mm(h)

  • Smart Chute & Understanding Value Cards

    …key number facts at a rapid pace with this brilliant kit of cards. The multisensory Smart Chute provides the perfect medium to practise and rehearse facts, without the process becoming tiresome, until knowledge is secure. More information available online. Each set contains:• Smart chute• 14 card

  • BrainSnack© - 300 problem-solving cards with CD

    …graded maths problem-solving cards, which focus on guiding pupils towards a strategic approach to solving problems. The cards can be split amongst individuals or used in groups, to try to complete the challenge that the cards present to them. Additionally the cards can also be presented to the whole…

  • Number Fishing Game

    …board. In turn, each player catches a number which can be used to fill the missing part of a calculation. Metal parts are made of special ferritic stainless steel, which won't rust in water or sand.• Set contains: 40 magnetic fish, 4 double-sided work cards, 4 magnetic fishing poles and an…

  • Smart Chute Understanding Number Value

    …cards.Contains:• 1 x Smart Chute• 14 x Chute Card Sets: Counting to 20; Numbers and Patterns; Odd or Even?; Positioning and Ordering to 100; Ten Frames to 50; Random Frames; Visual Addition (number bonds to 20); Visual Subtraction (number bonds to 20); Rounding; Place Value to 1000; Place…

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