Number Balance

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  • Maths Balance

    Teach number relationships in a concrete way with this number balance. As students manipulate the balance, they gain insight into abstract concepts of number operations, algebraic equations and properties of arithmetic.

  • Mathematical Balance

    Children easily perform all four mathematical functions (+ - x ÷) with immediate visual and physical verification of their results. The reverse of the number strip may be printed/written on if required. The balance can be completely dismantled for storage.

  • Combined Balance Kit

    …with 100ml graduated scales and are supplied with lids. Included with the kit are a set of 20 weighted numbers to teach logic, addition and subtraction.Includes:• Set of 20 weighted numbers to teach logic, addition and subtraction• 60 clearly marked stackable weights (1g x 20, 5g x 20 and…

  • Rainbow Numbers and Letters

    Colourful acrylic letters and numbers ideal for use on a light box to make letter and number recognition interesting and exciting. Numbers and letters come with a hole at the top balance point so they can be strung up or pinned to a notice board. Age: 3 years+.• Numbers set of 14• Letters…

  • First-Play Count 'n' Move Pack

    …fundamental skills - balance and co-ordination, throwing, catching, rolling, counting and identifying colours and shapes. Contains:• 6 x coloured spots • 6 x hands • 6 x feet • 1 x number line • 1 x small coated dice 1-6• 1 x large coated spot & number dice 1 - 10•…

  • Niels Larsen ActivNumber Beam

    This unique multicoloured balance beam has a joining system allowing it to be used at two different heights or as an inclined beam, which can be adjusted almost instantly and easily. The numbers 1-10 are engraved along the top surface of the beam enabling cross-curricular activities. • Size:…

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