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  • Colourmount Board

    These mounting and display boards are very thick and rigid. The top side is coloured with ivory coloured core. When a sheet is cut (with a mount cutter) at a 45° angle, a contrasting bevelled edge is created.• 1250 microns• Pack of 20 sheets

  • Feather Board

    Extruded foam polystyrene, sandwiched between white art board top and bottom. This is a very light and very strong thick board for printing display, photographic mounting or strong constructional models.• Ozone-friendly• Size: 360mm(w) x 510mm(d) x 5mm(h)• Pack of 5 sheets

  • School Mounting Pack

    Mount pieces of A4 artwork onto these bright coloured sheets. You can also double mount onto the black sheets.

  • Black Pulpboard

    Flexible board ideal for mounting and craft projects.

  • Poster Board Classpack

    A sturdy storage box filled with high quality board in 10 bright striking colours. Ideal for mounting artwork.

  • Rothmill Card

    Bright, flexible board with a superb smooth surface. Ideal for mounting and card making.

  • Metal Foil Board

    Medium thickness board, excellent stiffness with a shiny, reflective foil surface.• 350 micron, 255gsm• Colours: gold, silver, blue, green and red• Size: 504mm x 762mm • Pack of 5 sheets

  • Mounting Paper Assorted Colours

    • Brightly coloured mounting paper • 80gsm • Standard A sizes plus surrounding border • Pack of 100 sheets

  • Corrugated Board Rolls

    • Size: 500mm x 700mm rolls• Pack of 15 rolls: Brown, green, orange, pink, yellow, blue, black, light blue, red, cerise, light green, grey, white, burgundy and lilac

  • Presentation Boards

    An assorted pack of trifold, corrugated display boards which are ideal for displaying table-top projects.

  • A2 Outdoor Picture Alphabet Board

    Take literacy outside with this outdoor learning board. Made from 3mm foamex with pre-drilled holes for mounting. The board is weather resistant, will not fade and is fully waterproof. • Size: A2, 420mm x 595mm

  • Ohbot Camera and Mount

    …tracking its movement. It is supplied with two mounts that allow versatility of mounting on either the base or top of the head.• Includes headband mount and fixings for base mounting• Supplied with cables to connect to the Obrain control board• Size: 110mm(h) x 96mm(w) x 66mm(d)

  • Football Coaching Wall Board

    Make sure you get the tactics right and understood by everyone in the team with this wall mounted coaching board for your football team! The Coaching Wall Board is a large tactic board bordered with an aluminium frame.• Size: 900mm(w) x 600mm(h)

  • A2 Outdoor Learning Boards

    Take learning outside with our range of outdoor learning boards. Printed on 3mm foamex. Supplied with pre-drilled holes with fixings, ready for mounting. All boards are weather resistant, will not fade and are fully waterproof. Each board features bright, colourful picture images that children will…

  • Mounting Papers

    These handy pads of paper enable A4 work to be mounted with minimum effort. Draw directly on the paper or mount work to fit into the frames.• Assorted colours: 25 sheets each of flame red, canary yellow, emerald green and rich blue• Size: 350mm x 250mm (to fit A4 work)• Pack of 100…

  • Mounting Paper

    Ideal for display as this does not fade as rapidly as sugar paper.• 80gsm• Standard A4 size plus surrounding border • Pack of 100 sheets

  • Round Outdoor Learning Board Set

    A great weatherproof set of outdoor boards designed to encourage children to try different movements. Printed on 3mm foamex and supplied with fixings and pre-drilled holes for mounting. Boards are waterproof and will not fade.

  • A3 Learning Board Set

    A set of 4 outdoor boards which show colours, numbers, basic shapes and letters. Printed on 3mm foamex. Supplied with pre-drilled holes with fixings, ready for mounting. • Size: A3, 297mm(w) x 420mm(h)• Set of 4

  • A4 Garden Birds Outdoor Board Set

    A set of 12 circular boards for identifying common garden birds. Includes: chaffinch, goldfinch, robin, blackbird, sparrow, wren, thrush, starling, pigeon, blue tit, wagtail and jackdaw. All printed on 3mm foamex, supplied with fixings and pre-drilled holes for mounting. Totally weatherproof and…

  • A2 Weather Outdoor Board

    Totally weatherproof and will not fade. Printed on 3mm foamex. Supplied with pre-drilled holes with fixings, ready for mounting.• Size: A2, 420mm(w) x 595mm(h)

  • Cloakroom Top

    • Colourful coat hooks mounted on a board suitable for any junior setting cloakrooms• Hooks can be supplied multi-coloured or one solid colour

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