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  • Gelli Baff

    Gelli Baff turns water into goo... and back again! Simply add Gelli Baff to water and watch in amazement as your water magically turns into a fun, thick goo. It's a completely harmless powder that soaks up 400 times its own weight in water. And there's no need to worry about cleaning up either -…

  • Rainbow Snow Set

    page515 page758 Explore texture with this incredible powder that looks and feels like real snow. Colours are a mix of blue, red, white and green. Age: 3 years+.• Tub includes: 10 x 50g of snow in a mix of colours

  • Jelly Stones

    page515 page758 Watch these as they absorb 200 times their volume in water. Jelly stones change from small hard pebbles into large squishy shapes in a matter of minutes. Dry them out and then use them over and over again. Age: 3 years+.• 15 grams each of Topaz, Sapphire and Ruby jelly…

  • Silly Squares Tub

    page515 page758 Silly Squares provide hours of silly, wiggly, jiggly, educational fun! Place Silly Squares in water and watch in amazement as they grow to epic proportions. Silly Squares are completely reusable and can be dried out and hydrated over and over again. Silly Squares are safe, non-toxic,…

  • Foam Paint Bottles

    page515 Make your own fun foam paint with these bottles, add washing up liquid and food colouring to these kid-sized bottles and screw on the dispensing pump. A little goes a long way! Press the dispensing pump to release a beautiful coloured froth. Includes a teacher's guide featuring a variety of…

  • Colourings Set

    This set of 4 bottles of 100% natural food colouring are perfect for messy play. Encouraging children to be creative, experiment with colours and use materials in new ways. Age: 3 years+.

  • Tinti Bath Water Colours

    page515 These coloured tablets dissolve slowly and colour the water, mesmerising children of all ages! They leave no residue so will not stain the skin or the tub. Natural colours are used, made from elderberries, spirulina and gardenia blossoms. Panthenol and sea minerals are also included to…

  • Tinti Coloured Bath Foam

    page515 Tinti bath foam is available in two different colours; pink and blue. Simply add to the water and enjoy making a mess. This bath foam will stimulate creativity as children learn to mix colours, explore textures whilst having fun! Age: 3 years+.• 75ml • Available in pink or…

  • Outdoor wooden tray

    page756 page780 An extremely versatile wooden tray suitable for a variety of resource requirements. Ideal for sand and water, messy play, art and craft and various role play scenarios. Designed so that a plastic tuff tray can be added on top. Age: 3 years+.• Available in 2 heights: 340mm and 540mm•…

  • Gelli Baff

    Gelli Baff turns water into goo... and back again! Available in bright colours and new colour changing magic goo too! Simply add Gelli Baff to water and watch in amazement as your water magically turns into a fun, thick goo.Gelli Baff is a completely harmless powder that soaks up 400 times its own…

  • Messy Play Bench

    page763 This fantastic outdoor play bench is perfect for messy sand and water play. The wood has been treated with eco-friendly and child safe NEXGEN treatment, which is specially formulated to protect the wood from fire, mold, mildew and insects. Age: 3 years+.• Each bench has 4 sturdy plastic…

  • Double Play

    Double play combines the mud kitchen and messy zone into one double sided unit. Age: 3 years+.

  • Messy Zone

    Ideal for messy, wet, muddy fun this messy zone can be kept outside in all weathers and is ideal for small outdoor or indoor play areas. With solid playtec plastic tops and a sturdy design. Age: 3 years+.

  • The Consortium Washable Ready Mix Paint

    The perfect paint for the youngest of children who like messy play. A range of bright opaque colours specially formulated to wash off skin and most fabrics easily.

  • Mud Mixing Table

    This wooden mud table is excellent for exploratory and messy play. The table features 4 x stainless steel bowls (each measuring 200mm wide), allowing children to mix mud, play and explore. Made from solid eucalyptus. Age: 3 years+.

  • Tactile Letters

    …a finger by starting at the dot and following the arrows; go wrong and the rough texture provides sensory input for self-checking. These sturdy plastic letters can be used in all types of messy play. Age: 4-7 years.• Size: 100mm(h) x 70mm(w)• Set of 124 (4 of each consonant and 8 of each vowel)

  • Outdoor Waterwall

    A fantastic outdoor learning resource, which allows children to explore and experiment with water. Made from high quality, durable, tanalised timber, the water wall also has heavy duty castors to make it easy to manoeuvre and store. To use, fill the top reservoir with water and release the taps. As…

  • KiddiWash Xtra

    Ideal for preschool and nurseries. Designed specifically for the smallest hands, the KiddiWash is the ideal solution anywhere an effective warm water hand wash is required. It’s entirely self-contained; just fill it with warm water and the KiddiWash Xtra will keep it warm for several hours. The…

  • KiddiSynk

    The KiddiSynk™ is the complete answer for hand washing and handwash training for little ones plus is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Easy to use, simply wheel it to where you fill it, wheel it to where you need it and then wheel it to where you empty it. The unique ‘Flippi-tap’ is simple to use…

  • Patterned PVC Tabard

    page421 These tabards are simple for children to put on themselves with elastic and Velcro side fastenings. They are made from 100% cotton coated in phthalate free plastic and can be easily wiped clean. Can be washed at 30°C if necessary.• Assorted colours• Sold singly

  • Patterned PVC Overall

    page421 An easy to put on overall fastening with Velcro tabs. The overalls are made from 100% cotton coated in phthalate free plastic. They are easy to wipe clean but can be washed at 30°C if necessary.• Assorted colours • Sold singly

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