• Polyhedra Dice Set

    This comprehensive pack of 162 plastic dice is supplied in a carry case for easy storage. It contains the following items:• 10 x 10 sided dice, 0-9• 10 x 10 sided dice, 1-10• 10 x 10 sided tens dice, 10-100• 10 x 10 sided hundreds dice, 100-1,000• 10 x 10 sided thousands…

  • Magic Maths Game

    An exciting counting and strategy game that makes maths and sums magic. Teaches addition, subtraction and multiplication. Rub the cards to reveal the answer. Age: 5 years+.

  • 6 Maths Board Games

    These three sets of Maths board games offer excellent value for money! Each game is printed with simple instructions printed on each game.

  • Quiet Dice

    • Made from PU foam• Colour: Yellow• Size: 20mm³• Pack of 8 dot dice or 104 number dice

  • Fraction and Decimal Counting Cards

    A6 double sided cards to aid with counting to 10 in increments of 1/4 or 0.25. • Pack of 40

  • Numicon Shapes

    Boxed set of 80 Numicon shapes. Age: 3 years+.

  • Bulk Money Pack

    Plastic play coins are HM Treasury approved. Realistic looking play money features updated 2010 tail designs. Plastic coins are almost actual size. Educational plastic coins can be used to develop money recognition and equivalency skills through hands on maths activities.

  • Teaching Money

    • Plastic• Packs of 100, unless stated otherwise• PLEASE NOTE THE £1 COINS ARE THE OLD STYLE CODE. USE CODE 036799 FOR THE NEW STYLE COIN.

  • Grouping Circles

    These flexible folding plastic circles can be used in a wide range of activities with attribute blocks. • Consists of 6 circles, 2 each of red, yellow and blue• Size: 500mm(dia.)

  • My First Number Snap

    …let you play two favourite games, Snap and Pairs using early-years number concepts. Two fun games in one that help children learn fundamental maths concepts. The cards show the number, the word and pictures in different quantities 1-10. Age: 3 years+.• Includes 52 playing cards and 3 rules…

  • Colour Coded 100 Line

    The colour coded 100 line supports all aspects of number in the primary curriculum. It can be displayed as a long number line or as hundred grid. The colour coded 100 line contains 12 strips from -9 to 109. The strips can be placed in a line format or underneath one another to make a number grid.…

  • Cuisenaire® Rods

    This introductory set of Cuisenaire Rods can be used to reinforce a variety of numeracy skills; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Patterns, Algebra, Probability, Statistics, Geometry and Measurement. The set contains ten different lengths of Cuisenaire Rods, each…

  • Pizza To Go Fractions Game

    Fun games for teachings fractions! Kids can play over seven appetizing fraction-based games with play pizzas. The games help to differentiate between fractions, as well as add and subtract fractions. • 2-4 players• Includes: 9 x 180mm pizzas cut into 51 fractional pieces (halves, thirds,…

  • Value Handheld 8 Digit Calculator

    Great value, dual-powered handheld calculator.• 8-digit display• Dual power (solar/battery)• Rubber keys • Colours may vary• Sold singly

  • Sorting & Counting Beads

    • 250 beads with 16 laces

  • Magnetic Write On/Wipe Off Dice

    The large plastic coated foam dice have drywipe faces so you can tailor them to your class needs in Maths, Literacy, Science or other subjects. Specially designed to be quiet and safe. If you need standard size dice for groups or individuals, the small set of 12 is ideal. The plastic coated foam…

  • Masses - Weighing Set On Tray

    A combined set of accurate steel and brass weights that are housed in a sturdy blue moulded tray. Provides for weighing objects from 10g to 1990g in 10g increments. 3 steel weights and 6 brass weights.Contains:• 1 x 1kg, 1 x 500g, 1 x 200g, 1 x 50g, 1 x 20g, 2 x 100g, 2 x 10g• 1 moulded…

  • BrainBox My First Maths

    BrainBox My First Maths is a fun way to help younger children engage with basic mathematical concepts, including numbers, shapes and measurement. Designed for children in Key Stage One, this game has been developed by an experienced primary school teacher, is suitable for all ability levels and is…

  • Maths Number and Operations Ping Pong Balls

    This set contains all the balls numbered 1 to 50, decades 60 through to 100 plus mathematical symbols. Put these numbers into a bag and get pupils to order them as you pull them out. The decades are clearly numbered in red.• Made from plastic• Pack of 61• Size: 40mm(dia.)

  • View-Thru Geometric Shapes

    Put geometry in students' hands as they estimate, measure and compare area, volume and capacity. Shapes are relational (5cm or 10cm) for easier comparison. Clear design allows students to see all angles and vertices. Plastic 3-D shapes can also be filled with liquids or solids. Includes an Activity…

  • Number Spinners

    Use these flexible spinners to aid and help with early number work and counting. Create fun games and use the spinner instead of or as well as dice. Can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to sorting through number flashcards, saving valuable staff time.• Supports Numbers and…

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