• Magnetic Polydron Mathematics Set

    This class set contains everything you need to teach 2D and 3D shapes to primary school children, with shapes such as squares, rectangles and 3 types of triangles as well as more complicated shapes like cylinders and cones. Make shapes such as tetrahedrons, cubes, octahedrons, icosahedrons and…

  • Shapes Discovery Boxes

    A great introduction to basic shapes, each box contains four items representing that shape; a labelled beanbag, an abstract shape and two everyday objects. Age: 9 months+.• Set includes: 4 shaped boxes with 16 accessories (4 items per box)• Size: 125mm x 125mm

  • Fun Fish Counters

    Bring counting and sorting to life with these fishy friends. These colourful fish counters are ideal for a variety of early years activities, Fun Fish Counters will help develop early counting, sorting and patterning skills. The attractive friendly designs and realistic detail make these plastic…

  • Simple Tape Measure

    This measure features metric on one side and imperial on the reverse to avoid confusing scales. Comfort grip and reeling mechanism aid little hands. Age: 3 years+.• Measures up to 120cm /4 feet, perfect for comparing height• Includes a self correcting sound if handle is turned the wrong way…

  • Sift and Find Number Shells

    Build number skills as you sift, making exciting new discoveries with every scoop. These unique shells, printed with numbers 1-20, are a fun way to reinforce early maths concepts such as counting, number recognition, addition and more. Age: 3 years+.• Supplied in a storage bucket• Bucket…

  • Colours and Shapes Puzzles

    These lovely, bright puzzles are perfect for helping early learners to recognise colours, shapes, animals and everyday things. The pieces are perfectly sized for little hands and are ideal for developing co-ordination and dexterity. Set of 4 different puzzles in each. Age: 12 months+.• Size:…

  • Tell the Time Snap

    Many children struggle with the different ways of showing the same time and this game will help. They will be trying to snap cards that equal the same time value as 18:00 and 6pm. The times are shown as a clock face, words, a digital time including am or pm and words such as noon and midday. Age: 5…

  • Lacing Numbers

    This tub of bright, colourful lacing numbers provide a great tool for practising number recognition, patterning and sorting. This also encourages the development of hand/eye co-ordination. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 260 pieces• 10 different colours• Number size: 25mm high• Set of 15…

  • Wooden Numbers

    This pack contains 3 each of numbers 0-9 and one each of the mathematical signs. Age: 3 years+.

  • BrainSnack© - 300 problem-solving cards with CD

    …Excellent way for pupils to make connections in mathematics between the sections on number, shape, space and measures while applying this mathematical knowledge to a range of problems from a variety of contexts (a central aim stressed in the Mathematics Curriculum)• Problems are presented…

  • Mental Maths Practice Books

    Mental Maths Practice includes challenging photocopiable activities to develop mathematical ideas and stimulate young minds. It is based on a wide range of concepts, including number, space, data handling, algebra and measures. Each book contains 24 worksheets and 24 revision worksheets. The…

  • Abacus

    The beads can be assorted into any combination of numbers and two colours you require, to help with sorting and counting. Age: 4 years+.• 100 wooden beads• Size: 250mm(w) x 80mm(d) x 290mm(h)

  • Shapes Bean Bags

    Cotton covered bags with shape labels and filled with beans.• Set of 8

  • Mathematical Balance

    Children easily perform all four mathematical functions (+ - x ÷) with immediate visual and physical verification of their results. The reverse of the number strip may be printed/written on if required. The balance can be completely dismantled for storage.

  • Attribute Lacing Buttons

    Ideal for little fingers these large plastic buttons come in four colours, three shapes (triangle, square and circle). Two sizes and feature two hole styles. Includes 48 buttons, 4 laces and an activity guide. Age: 3 years+.• Largest button measures 50mm(l)• Comes in a plastic storage…

  • Mathematics Mastery Primary Kit

    Enable your students to develop a mastery of maths with this vast array of concrete manipulatives. Mathematics Mastery believes every child should get Hands-on with Maths in every lesson. This kit has been designed with this in mind to be used by up to 15 pairs of pupils in the primary classroom.

  • Primary Problem-solving in Mathematics

    Primary Problem-solving in Mathematics is a seven-book series of photocopiable activity worksheets for practise in problem-solving skills and mathematical thinking. Features:• Worksheets that focus on: spatial visualisation, logical reasoning, interpreting, analysing, organising and using…

  • A4 Mathematics Paper 75gsm

    • A4, 297mm x 210mm white 75gsm paper, ruled both sides• Box of 5 reams (2500 sheets), ream 500 sheets

  • A4 Mathematics Graph Paper 75gsm

    • A4, 297mm x 210mm white 75gsm paper, ruled both sides. • Box of 5 reams (2500 sheets)

  • 9" x 7" Mathematics Graph Paper 75gsm

    • A4 white 75gsm paper, ruled both sides.• Box of 5 reams (2500 sheets)

  • Scholastic Subject Leader Guide for Mathematics

    Includes complete programmes of study for English for key stages 1-3 plus support on planning and implementation.

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