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  • With Child™ Pregnancy Simulator

    …for the unique physical challenges of being pregnant, excellent for teens in pregnancy prevention programmes. Users understand the physical symptoms of being pregnant such as weight gain, lower back stress, increased blood pressure, decreased mobility and pressure on bladder, stomach and lungs.

  • Pumping Heart Model

    …visualize blood flow from the heart into the lungs with this simple, mess-free system, easy-to-use, multi-sensory model uses a simple hand pump to demonstrate basic heart and pulmonary blood flow. Create a memorable exploration of how the heart and lungs work together for oxygen exchange by adding…

  • Skeleton Man

    …to build this fun and friendly skeleton by simply connecting the bones together and then attaching the major organs including, the brain, heart, lungs and intestine. Then label the parts with the included multilingual name tags - also ideal for use as a Modern Languages resource. Age: 6 years+.

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