• Making Words Snap

    Card game to help teach Literacy in a fun, exciting way. Age: 7 years+.

  • Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Through Drama

    This book offers a new approach to teaching literacy, through movement, speech and drama. There are over 70 clearly described and ready-to-use movement activities. Extensions and challenges enable the activities to be used and enjoyed throughout Key Stage 2. A wide range of ability levels, and even…

  • Fish 'n' Games

    Toss these soft shapes or letters into the water, attach the bait, cast your line and see what you catch! These games encourage hand/eye co-ordination, shape and colour recognition and language and literacy skills. Age: 3 years+.

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar Storysack®

    One of the best selling picture books ever, deserves this wonderful Storysack®. Enjoy using the soft toy props to introduce numeracy and discussions on healthy eating and life cycles. Age: 3 years+. Set includes:• Cloth sack• Fiction storybook and CD• Non-fiction book• Carer…

  • First Experiences Pack

    This set of 4 mini books are a great way to encourage children to talk about their first experiences. Age: 2 years+.• Set of 4 includes: Going to the Doctor, Going to the Dentist, Going to Hospital and Going to School.• Paperback• Each book contains 16 pages• Size: 150mm x 150mm

  • Sentence Strips

    Printed guidelines to show upper and lower case letter sizes. • 38mm rule and 19mm mid-line • Size: 76mm x 609mm • Pack of 100 assorted colour cards

  • Classic 61/2" x 8" Handwriting Books - Landscape

    Landscape handwriting books, available in 2 rulings and 2 cover colours.• 225gsm pressboard cover• 40 pages, 75gsm paper• Stapled on short side• 165mm x 203mm• Pack of 50

  • Phase Board Games - Letters and Sounds Series

    Ideal for those who need a bit of extra excitement or competition, each set contains games based on simple rules that present Phase word-level or phoneme-level learning objectives in a fun and exciting way. Also provide a great, non threatening way to assess pupils' knowledge.

  • Short Reads Reading Programme

    Boost literacy and develop close reading skills with finely-levelled non- fiction short texts suitable for KS1 and KS2 pupils. Each Teacher's Guide covers 40 group reading sessions including discussion topics and independent writing tasks. The Teacher's Guide contains for each of the texts-…

  • Grammar and Sentence Board Games

    These new games focus on non-threatening practice of essential grammar application within sentences. Add information to a simple sentence through a subordinate clause; connect clauses using interesting connectives; identify concrete, collective, proper and abstract nouns and substitute them to…

  • CVC Magnetic Fishing Game

    Children will have great fun whilst playing this game which helps them to identify and spell out CVC words (Consonant Vowel Consonant). All the consonant “fish” are coloured blue whilst the vowels are red – this method uses a universally recognised way of learning the difference between consonants…

  • Alphabet Soup Sorters

    Cook up early literacy skills. Each can holds one uppercase and one lowercase letter, plus five object cards featuring real-life photos on one side and corresponding words on the reverse. Includes 26 durable cardboard cans and activity guide. Age: 4 years+.• Cans measure: 75mm(w) x…

  • Spelling Posters

    A3 laminated posters with words providing clear examples on various spelling focuses or rules.• Set 1 (for Year 1) includes syllables, 'wh' and 'ph' words, silent e, and making new words by adding '-ly'.• Set 2 (for Year 2) includes 'qu' words, irregular plurals, suffixes, and compound…

  • Talking Hot Dots® Pen

    Simply touch the interactive pen to a Hot Dot on one of the Hot Dots® card sets and the Talking Hot Dots® Pen responds instantly with a green light and positive sounds. Incorrect answers receive a red light and gentle wrong sound or phrase. Sounds can be switched off for quiet practice…

  • A6 Alphabet Picture Cue Cards

    A versatile set of 26 'real image' cue cards illustrating the alphabet. Age: 3 years+.• Size: A6, 105mm x 148mm• Set of 26 cards

  • Show-me® Magnetic Board Group Pack

    Ideal for use in group work. Good quality writing and magnetic surfaces on both sides of the boards. The boards have a grid on one side and plain reverse.This superb 610 piece pack consists of:• 10 x A4 magnetic drywipe boards• 1 x A3 magnetic drywipe board, ideal for teachers• 12 x…

  • Mark Making Kit 3

    A great set of every day decorating items to mark make with. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors. Age: 3 years+.Pack contains:• 1 x 5 piece disposable brush set• 1 x 230mm roller tray set (includes roller, roller sleeve and tray)• 1 x 230mm roller sleeve• 1 x mini roller tray set…

  • Hot Dots® Jr The Alphabet

    Introduce the key early learning skills with these colourful card sets. This set includes upper and lowercase letter sequencing. Simply touch the interactive pen to a Hot Dot and the Talking Hot Dots Pen® responds instantly with a green light and positive sounds. Incorrect answers receive a red…

  • A4 Dry Wipe Literacy Cards

    • Pack of 10

  • The Literacy Box

    The Literacy Box provides supplementary material to support the following areas of literacy- reading, comprehension, word study, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • Prefixes and Suffixes Resource Pack

    Prefixes and suffixes form a vital part of understanding the meaning of words. This word building and grammar resource contains 50 magnets consisting of prefixes, suffixes, root words (each colour coded) and blank strips to make up your own root words. Pupils will learn that when a prefix or suffix…

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