Light Bulbs

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  • Flexi Desk Lamps

    • Integral on/off switch• Bulb: 40W E27 edison screw (not included)• Size: 300mm(w) x 490mm(d) x 340mm(h)• Choice of 2 colours

  • Bulb Module

    …filament light converts electrical energy into light. It contains a very thin coil of wire called a filament. This unit uses a standard low Voltage miniature MES bulb.• Robust bulb module for use with BrightSparks4kids Electricity Kits• Operating Voltage 1.5 - 6VDC• Maximum Bulb

  • BrainBox Inventions

    BrainBox Inventions contains cards showing when, where and by whom great inventions were invented; including the light bulb and telephones as well as fun inventions such as the whoopee cushion!

  • Ray Box

    Great value ray box with a festoon bulb and collimated lens to produce clear light rays ideal for all kinds of experiments.

  • Hobby Desk Lamp

    • Versatile lamp head tilt and swivel adjustable reach arm• Inline on/off switch• Black• Bulb: 40W E27 edison screw bulb (not included)• Size: 520mm(h) x 350mm(l)

  • Electricity Kit Plus

    …learn.Contains:• 1 x digital multimeter• 1 x magnetic switch • 1 x variable resistor• 1 x flashing LED• 1 x white LED• 1 x light dependent resistor• 5 x battery holders• 5 x bulbs• 2 x toggle switches• 2 x push switches• 2 x buzzers• 2 x motors• 1 x two-pole switch• 10 x stacking leads• 2 x…

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