• Light Ball

    Rubbery bouncy light-filled ball, every time it's squeezed it changes colour. This ball demonstrates cause and effect and is a great visual item with the flashing colour lights.

  • Light and Colour Grab and Go Kit

    This kit is designed to help children explore and discover colour and light in lots of intriguing ways whilst developing some key skills. Packed in a sturdy folding box. Contents may vary.

  • Scratch Sticks

    Wooden sticks for use with scratch light and multicolour scratchcard.

  • Lightbox Table

    Purposed designed robust table for A1 and A2 light panels, ideal for group exploration and investigation. Table can be used as a play table if left in a permanent position and the light panel removed when need be for safe keeping.• Suitable for 3 to 6 years• Self-Assembly• Made from mdf• H50 x W95 x…

  • Energy Saving 2D Lamps

    Generally used in hallways, corridors and most flush fitting corridor lights.• Sold singly

  • Epson T0796 Inkjet Cartridge Light Magenta

    Original Epson T0796 ink cartridge - light magenta.For use with:• Epson Stylus Photo 1410 / 1400

  • Light Spinners

    Set of 2 prismatic projector lights which are easy to hold and have 3 different visual effects to explore. Press the button to activate the spinning lights and watch the display of multi-coloured lights and patterns. Great for a darkened room or dark den.• Includes 3 x AA batteries• Size:…

  • Light Kit

    …Pupils will enjoy learning about shadows, colours and how light travels.Contains:• Cardboard tubes• Torches• Equilateral prisms• Rectangular prisms• Acrylic mirrors• Elastic bands• Combs• Tea Lights• Rulers• Colour paddles• Concave lenses•…

  • Round Light Panel

    This round light panel is ideal for group work where children can access the light panel from all sides. It provides a bright arena of evenly dispersed white light for use in any area of the classroom. It is impressive in a dark corner where quiet focussed observation is more easily achieved. It…

  • Light & Shadows Kit

    Explore the properties of light with this kit.

  • Textured Sensory Light Balls

    Children will love to play with these balls, that light up and flash when bounced. Each ball has a different surface texture to explore. Great for catch games or a sensory area. • Size: 100mm(dia)• Set of 4

  • Equilateral Prism

    Clear, polished prism for optics experiments.• Acrylic• Size: 57mm(sides) x 25mm(d)• Equilateral: 60° x 60° x 60°• Sold singly

  • Rotating Disco Ball

    A high quality rotating disco ball with the added bonus of built in speakers, an SD card and USB slot. Turn on the light, plug in your favourite music and the lights will flash to the music beat.

  • Hobby Desk Lamp

    • Versatile lamp head tilt and swivel adjustable reach arm• Inline on/off switch• Black• Bulb: 40W E27 edison screw bulb (not included)• Size: 520mm(h) x 350mm(l)

  • Fluorescent Tubes

    • Ideal for use in your office, kitchen or classroom.• T8 Triphosphor• Diameter: 26mm• Available in packs of 5 or 25

  • A2 Folding Light Panel & Table Set

    Low level table with A2 Colour Changing Light Panel which fits on top. Table legs lock into place with a hex key. Folds flat for easy storage. Age: 3 years+.• Size of light panel: 635mm x 460mm x 8mm• Illuminated area: 585mm x 410mm• Overall height: 290mm

  • Sensory Mood Lights

    These mood lights can be placed around the room or used in a sensory den to provide background lighting. Using a remote control you can choose 16 different colours or set to fade through a spectrum of shades. They are powered by safe, low voltage mains power supplies and come with a base station…

  • Ultra Bright LED Light Panels

    LED light panels with 3 light settings are an essential and versatile cross-curricular resource. Providing a cool, clean, bright illuminated background they are ideal for the investigation of light, colour and shape, or for focused group work in a wide range of curriculum areas. Slimline design with…

  • UV Detecting Beads

    These UV sensitive beads turn from white to varying bright colours when exposed to sunlight or other UV sources. The beads can be used, for example, to test the effectiveness of UV protection in sunglasses or to create a simple bracelet which can function as a UV detector.• Pack of 100,…

  • Magic Light Table

    Children can draw on the light table with their fingers, brushes, sticks, sand combs, dry-wipe markers, blowing through straws and using their hands and feet to make imprints. The organic surface is safe to use with dry materials such as rice, sand, oats and materials, or with wet material such as…

  • Handheld Torches

    Class set of torches, ideal for basic light experiments. Includes six red and six blue torches. Each torch requires 2 x AA batteries. We have included a set of 30 AA batteries to help get you started!

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