Letters And Sounds

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 1 Kit

    …resources to help pupils get to grips with the sounds associated with Phase 1.Contents:• Percussion Set• Animal Sounds Bingo• Household Sounds Bingo• Transport Sounds Bingo• Rhyming Bingo• Set of 6 mirrors• Voice Sounds• Animal Smart Ball• Household Smart…

  • Picture Caption Matching - Letters and Sounds Series

    These illustrated jigsaws will provide pupils with a bridge between the reading of single words and the reading of sentences - all decodable and at the correct reading level. • Each boxed set (260mm x 205mm) contains 15-20 self correcting puzzles where only the correct pieces will fit together

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 2 Kit

    …magnetic letters or by writing them down. Two syllable words are also introduced, as are simple captions, which can be practiced using our Picture Caption Matching Puzzles. High frequency and tricky words are also introduced. This kit includes both our well-loved, tried and tested Letters and Sounds

  • Letters and Sounds Chute Cards

    These ingenious cards reinforce words learnt at Phases 2-5 of Letters and Sounds. A picture and sound buttons are shown on one side with the word and sound buttons on the other. Over 50 cards for use at each Phase. • Can be used with Smart Chute (item code 240336)• Contains 52 playing…

  • Tactile Phonics Bean Bags

    …embroidered bean bags are a great tactile way to reinforce letters and sounds. Each bean bag features an appealing picture representing the letter, with special double-sided bean bags for short and long vowel sounds and the hard and soft sounds of c and g. Age: 3 years+.• Includes cloth storage…

  • Word Construction

    …word with the nuts and bolts and turn any nut piece to create a new word. Add additional letter pieces to the bolt to create longer words. Creates phonological awareness.Set includes:• Six chunky plastic bolts measuring 125mm(l)• 30 printed letter nuts, measuring 50mm(d) x 15mm• Activity Guide

  • Vowel Phonemes Wall Frieze

    This beautifully illustrated frieze contains 30 picture/sound examples. It can be mounted as a wall chart, cut into separate tiles or joined together as a wall frieze.

  • Sentence Substitution - Letters and Sounds Series

    This fun and engaging activity provides children with practice in reading words in sentences. Pupils are invited to substitute words to change the meaning of the sentence. Each sentence and the matching substitute words are colour-coded for easy sorting. A 'silly' substitute word is also included to…

  • Phonics Pebbles

    Interesting, visual and tactile; this set of phonic pebbles is ideal for introducing letters and sounds. Age: 3 years+.

  • Sight Word Swat

    …flies featuring the top 300 high frequency words from phases 2-6 of the government Letters and Sounds framework. ‘Tricky’ words are written in yellow to easily distinguish and remind children they cannot sound these words out phonetically. Collect the most flies after all sight words have been…

  • CVC Word Building Bingo

    Match Letters and Sounds to their positions within words with this interactive group game. Work out the 3 CVC words from the pictures on the board and sound out the phonemes either out loud or in your head before you start. Be the first to blend and match the correct letters to form CVC words and…

  • Phonics Threading Beads

    …in phase 4 of Letters and Sounds. The set has 100 beads, 25 double-sided cards (120mm x 100mm) and 25 x 170mm strings.• Phase 3 Letters and Graphemes set contains words from the bank of suggested words for teaching the new letters and graphemes in phase 3 of letters and sounds. The Set Contains…

  • Alternative Spelling Puzzles - Letters and Sounds Series

    These boxed puzzles introduce the alternative spellings for each phoneme from Phase Five of Letters and Sounds. The self-correcting puzzles allow children to group these different graphemes in a jigsaw puzzle based on the common phoneme, with only the correct pieces able to fit together. Learning…

  • Let's Feel Sandpaper Letters

    …sandpaper letters provide a range of visual, tactile and auditory learning activities, including learning letter formations, letter sounds and letter names. Use with a blindfold to guess the letter or with a piece of paper and crayon to make textured rubbings. Images correspond with the letter being…

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 4 Kit

    …by a grapheme, blend phonemes so that they can read CVC words and segment those words for spelling. All items are colour-coded to match the Letters and Sounds teaching strategy for easy Phase identification.Contents:• Yes/No Question Card Game• Picture Sentence Matching Game• Buried…

  • Matching Words & Pictures - Letters and Sounds Series

    …and practicing decoding skills as they match pictures to words with these interactive puzzles. Each set covers a different phase of the Letters and Sounds programme. The number of puzzle pieces to choose from can be reduced for beginners to make the matching process easier. • Each boxed…

  • Learning to Read First Words

    Adorable pictures and beginning words entice early readers to make the connection between letters and words! Players build 16 words with short vowel sounds by assembling colourful puzzles. Challenge growing skills by flipping over the pieces to build the words without pictures. The set includes 48…

  • Flash Cards - Letters and Sounds Series

    All the words used at each Phase of Letters and Sounds are provided in these handy boxed sets. Cards are presented with the word on one side and the word with sound 'buttons' on the other, representing individual phonemes. The sound button side can be used for visually demonstrating segmentation or…

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 5 Kit

    …Phoneme Smart Ball• Word Smart Ball• Letters and Sounds Chute Cards• Magnetic Foam Letters Phase 5• Magnetic Foam High Frequency and Tricky Words• Phoneme Flip Stand• Phoneme Flip Stand Split Digraph• 44 Sounds Desktop Chart 6 pack• Free Gratnells Tray

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 3 Kit

    …Sentence Matching Puzzles Set 2• Set of 5 Reading Books• Sentence Substitution Game• Yes/No Question Cards Game• Phoneme Smart Ball• Magnetic Foam Letters Phase 3• Letters and Sounds Chute Cards• Magnetic Foam High Frequency and Tricky Words• Free Gratnells Tray

  • Phase Board Games - Letters and Sounds Series

    Ideal for those who need a bit of extra excitement or competition, each set contains games based on simple rules that present Phase word-level or phoneme-level learning objectives in a fun and exciting way. Also provide a great, non threatening way to assess pupils' knowledge.

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