Large Dressing

  • Sterile Dressings

    Soft, absorbent protective wound dressing, complete with bandage, comes in three sizes and as an eye pad.

  • Stage School Dressing Up Trolley

    The stage school dressing up trolley features a ‘front stage’ and ‘backstage’ area, complete with 2 mirrors, 3 large dry-wipe surfaces and chalkboard. The 2 hanging rails and large trough provide a useful storage area. Age: 3 years+.

  • Little Star Dressing Up Trolley

    …smaller settings, this cleverly designed dressing up trolley puts the children at centre stage, allowing them to act out their favourite story or play, in front of a customisable stage backdrop.• 2 Mirrors and display surfaces• 2 Hanging rails and large 'trough' provide useful storage • 4…

  • Dress Me Doll

    A large soft doll dressed in several layers of clothes with different fastenings (wooden and plastic buttons, poppers, hook and loop fastener, zips, laces and buckles). Through playing with this doll, children will develop essential skills such as dexterity, fine motor skills and self-reliance. Age:…

  • Cotton Wool Balls

    A bumper pack of non-sterile cotton wool balls.

  • First Aid Kit for One Person

    …general guidance on first aid. Size ensures that item can be kept close at hand. All items come in a travel PVC pouch. • Kit contains: general guidance on first aid, 6 sterile adhesive dressings, 1 large sterile unmedicated dressing, 2 triangular bandages, 2 safety pins and 2 cleansing wipes

  • BSI Compliant Travel First Aid Kit

    …assorted waterproof plasters, 1 x Sterile eye pad with bandage attached, 1 x Triangular bandage, 1 x Sterile medium wound dressing 12cm x 12cm, 1 x Sterile large wound dressing 18cm x 18cm, 1 x Conforming bandage 10cm x 4.5m stretched, 4 x Sterile saline moist cleansing wipes, 1 x Pair disposable…

  • BSI Compliant First Aid Kit in Bum Bag

    …Leaflet, 20 x Sterile Assorted Waterproof Plasters, 1 x Sterile Eye Pad, 1 x Triangular Bandage, 1 x Sterile Medium Wound Dressing 12cm x 12cm, 1 x Sterile Large Wound Dressing 18cm x 18cm, 1 x Conforming Bandage 10cm x 4.5m stretched, 4 x Sterile Saline Moist Cleansing Wipes, 1 x Pair Disposable…

  • BSI Compliant Travel First Aid Kit

    …Plasters• 1 x Sterile Eye Pad with Bandage attached• 1 x Triangular Bandage• 1 x Sterile Medium Wound Dressing 12cm x 12cm• 1 x Sterile Large Wound Dressing 18cm x 18cm• 1 x Conforming Bandage 10cm x 4.5m stetched• 4 x Sterile Saline Moist Cleansing Wipes• 1 x…

  • Trudy Dress-Up Trolley

    …has 2 large compartments at the base of the unit and 24 plastic hooks. There is a storage well on top of the unit which can be used for tray storage (trays sold separately). All panels are a maple finish with impact resistant edges and child friendly curved corners and there is a large oval mirror…

  • Gambia Resource Pack

    …to a flying start.• Giant scene-setting backdrop with eyelets for hanging; size: 1200mm x 1000mm• Large Africa Map • African Safari photopack• Fatou Doll with 2 dresses• Fatou's First Day Big Book• 5 photocopiable story sheets• Child's Gambian costume• Gambian…

  • Camden Market Stall

    …the perfect addition to any childcare setting. Age: 3 years+.• Real solid spruce wood• Includes front counter, with sloping shelf, 2 large fabric baskets, 4 chunky removable drawers, 3 back display shelves and large fabric awning• Accessories not included• Size: 1080mm(w) x 950mm(d) x 1230mm(h)

  • Packaway shop

    …and carried away for neat, compact storage when play time is over. • Chalkboard shop sign• 2 sloping display shelves & 2 regular shelves• Large worktop for till (accessories not included)• Hand finished details• Folds away for easy storage when not in use• Size: 780mm(w) x 330mm(d) x 980mm(h)-…

  • Burns First Aid Kit

    General purpose compact burns kit suitable for smaller environments.• Kit contains: 2 x burn dressing 10cm x 10cm, 2 x burn dressing 2.5cm x 5cm, 6 x burn gel, 3.5g sachets, 3 x burns plasters- large, 2 x burns plasters- small, 1 x conforming bandage 5cm x 4cm, 1 x conforming bandage 7.5cm x…

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